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apfsds.jpg Description: apfsds.jpg
Size: 74K
Screen size: 850x650
Created by Stormsinger, of StormSingerArtZ.
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sap-he.jpg Description: sap-he.jpg
Size: 85K
Screen size: 850x650
Created by Stormsinger, of StormSingerArtZ. Rendering of 12.7mm M6D ammo.
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badgers.jpg Description: badgers.jpg
Size: 149K
Screen size: 1275x775
Created by Stormsinger. An updated version of this concept, posted April 11 as a suggestion for a future Halo mod.
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missile.jpg Description: missile.jpg
Size: 164K
Screen size: 1200x650
Created by Stormsinger. A rendering of the Scorpion motion-tracking missile from 'The Fall of Reach'.
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skyhawk.jpg Description: skyhawk.jpg
Size: 157K
Screen size: 1200x900
Created by Storm Singer. "Each one is equipped with 4-50mm cannons, 6 Scorpion missles, 20 SuperBee missles, 2 wing tanks (this ain't your daddy's A4 for sure)."
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