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December 13, 2004 Link to this post

Don't make me take off my belt.
It took considerably longer than I'd expected, but the Halo 2 Dialogue Databank is now online, with over 200 snippets ready for download. (Thanks to Captain Spark, who has been collecting these over the past month, and who has made them available on his own website as he goes.) There are some pretty funny clips in there... go see what you can find! (Louis Wu 14:04:20 UTC)

December 3, 2004 Link to this post

More Talk
Captain Spark has posted another 33 dialogue snippets on his website. This is the third such release - if you missed the first two, don't worry, we'll be posting them soon in the upcoming Halo 2 Dialogue Databank. (These 33 will be available for the next week or so on CS's website.) (Louis Wu 23:30:37 UTC)

November 16, 2004 Link to this post

Forum sampling
Our forum is flying past these days at the speed of light - it's hard to keep up. (We're still averaging over 1000 posts/day since we reopened.) A few random posts that were worth a quick mention:

  • Hawaiian Pig points out another one of those 'Which Character are You?' games
  • serpx points out an easy way to collect NPC dialogue, for recorders
  • XLR8 brings word of a Bungie.net thread with a funny analogy
  • Captain Spark bundles up the first 70 dialogue snippets he's recorded from Halo 2 and makes them available. (This is temporary - but don't fret; if you miss them, they'll be in our soon-to-open Halo 2 Dialogue Databank before long!)
  • SIDEARM finds a nice BBC article on Craig Mullins

There are thousands more - we're working on a longer-term solution to the information overload, but for now, you'll just have to muddle through. All the big names from the Silver Age of Tricksterism - Frogblast, Dark Helmet, xbill, dozens more - are back and messing with the innards of Halo 2, finding new stuff every day. (I'm really hoping we have a solution for THIS, as well, pretty soon - the sheer quantity of new content is daunting.) (Louis Wu 15:05:05 UTC)

October 24, 2004 Link to this post

Dialogue Databank - useable again
Payoff! The Dialogue Databank, an underused but rich resource of HBO, has been ported to a far more robust backend; you shouldn't run into any more problems using it. (Hehe - famous last words.) Extra bonus - it's much faster now. (Louis Wu 23:22:21 UTC)

October 21, 2004 Link to this post

Sound Player
Speaking of repurposing assets... I wasn't going to mention this right away, because I was hoping for a reply from the website owners first... but the number of emails we're getting from viewers makes it hard to wait. Over on the Mountain Dew/Slurpee Halo 2 page, there's a new download - they're calling it the 339 SFX Player. It's a downloadable Flash application, for both Mac and PC, and it's simply an interface for playing 'over 50 exclusive Halo sound clips'. The problem is - every single one of these clips was taken from our Dialogue Databank, with no credit whatsoever to the original collectors. If you really want sound clips - visit the Databank; there are over 1200 snippets, instead of just 50 (though you don't get the funky Flash interface for listening to them that way). With this flood of Halo-related advertising hitting the net (and other avenues) recently, it seems that a few places have forgotten about general ethics. (Louis Wu 13:23:30 UTC)

October 12, 2004 Link to this post

Site problems
To all the folks sending word that the Fan Fiction and Dialogue Databank sections have stopped working properly - we know. The tool that used to fix that problem has somehow broken - until we can get it fixed, these sections are spotty, at best. Sorry. (To stave off the inevitable offers - there's no way to move these sections to machines at other sites; we appreciate it when people try to help, but we've got to fix this one ourselves. Thanks!) (Louis Wu 10:18:08 UTC)

October 11, 2004 Link to this post

Dialogue Databank - updated!
Wow. It took way too long - but I've finally cleared out most of the Dialogue Databank queue - there are 157 new entries today, including an entirely new Multiplayer section (really clean - thanks, Captain Spark!). There are large swaths of new Jackal and Elite sounds, as well. Go see what you can find! (Louis Wu 15:29:43 UTC)

October 9, 2004 Link to this post

Slurpee Sounds Clarification
To the four thousand people who sent us email about the Slurpee Prophet voice not actually being a prophet... yep, it's true. Whoever built that site actually took their audio content from OUR Dialogue Databank - that 'Prophet' clip is actually a Jackal, slowed down and reversed, and it was submitted by Patrick Naedele back in December 2003. Likewise, the clip you hear for the Master Chief was submitted by Captain Spark in July 03, and the Grunt clip came in in September. The Elite clip actually comes from Bungie.net's Dialogue Archive, not ours. (Again - these aren't SIMILAR clips - they're the SAME clips.) Yes, I should have noticed the Jackal voice yesterday. Sorry. No, this doesn't mean that we've actually heard a prophet speak. Sorry. (Louis Wu 12:16:42 UTC)

April 6, 2004 Link to this post

Eat Needles!
The dialogue man himself, Captain Spark, turned in a huge collection of Stacker quotes a couple of weeks ago. Using HaloPC, turning off extra sounds, and carefully planning who was onscreen during the filming allowed him to get pretty amazingly clean recordings of almost 200 new quotes, including some really funny ones I've never heard before. Go check 'em all out in our Dialogue Databank! (There are still quite a number of queued sounds to be added; this isn't all there is.) (Louis Wu 17:04:09 UTC)

February 11, 2004 Link to this post

Dialogue Databank updated
Recently, Captain Spark sent in another large batch of dialogue snippets for our Dialogue Databank. We've put up the first 20 - there are still a number of Grunt and Jackal quotes to post. Before anyone gets on my case - yes, I realize that some of the quotes here are static; they show up every time you pass through the area in question. Live with it. (Louis Wu 11:39:01 UTC)

December 22, 2003 Link to this post

I'm 'onna lose cookies!
Took a little while... but the Dialogue Databank has been updated with almost 50 new snippets. Some are simply cleaner replacements for older entries... but 44 of them are brand-spanking-new. 43 of those come from Captain Spark, and the last one comes from Patrick Naedele, who submitted a slowed-down, reversed jackal recording with a clear message. There's some classic stuff in there... check it out! (Louis Wu 00:38:09 UTC)

November 14, 2003 Link to this post

All you need is a dog and a cane.
Took a little while - but some recent submissions by Captain Spark have been added to the Dialogue Databank. 25 snippets, from Grunts and Sergeant Stacker. Go listen! (There are still a whole passel of elite sounds awaiting addition... they're more work than I've had time for.) (Louis Wu 18:31:19 UTC)

October 15, 2003 Link to this post

Nice job, guys! Cold fusion on me!
Been a long time in the queue - but there are 30 new snippets in the Dialogue Databank, all from Captain Spark. Some real classics this time around! (There are still several dozen queued snippets - at this point, all Elites. Coming soon, I hope.) (Louis Wu 22:37:57 UTC)

September 24, 2003 Link to this post

We'll all get medals for this!
Massive infusion of new snippets for the Dialogue Databank - 85 in total. Some real classics; 'We are the Champions' from a victorious grunt, and 'Next one who dies gets it in the rear from ME!' from Sergeant Stacker are a couple of my favorites. (That last was in the Outtakes section of Bungie's Tru7h and Reconciliation site, so we checked; Marty tells me he's surprised it was left in the game... but it was. It's pretty rare, though.) Thanks to Captain Spark and Electric Monk for the submissions this time around! (Louis Wu 15:11:27 UTC)

September 15, 2003 Link to this post

Oh, you no leave me.
27 new snippets have been added to the Dialogue Databank, including the infamous 'I would have been your daddy' quote. Thanks to Captain Spark for his tremendously high-quality work! (Louis Wu 03:02:56 UTC)

September 8, 2003 Link to this post

To Speak, or not to Speak...
37 new dialogue snippets added to the Dialogue Databank today; 30 from Captain Spark, 7 from Electric Monk. Two new categories: Jackal and Hunter. There's no really good way to identify the Jackal snippets... so they're simply numbered. Again - all of these were collected in-game, no hacking. (We're not accepting sounds collected via hacking, for two reasons; Marty O'Donnell (and Bungie as an entity, for that matter) has expressed unhappiness at the bulk collection of private assets... and in truth, it simply isn't sporting.) (Louis Wu 15:27:53 UTC)

August 26, 2003 Link to this post

You and me, baby...
11 new dialogue snippets added to the Dialogue Databank, courtesy of Captain Spark. Some stuff I've never heard before... he's doing a wonderful job of finding the obscure bits. Check out the collection! (Louis Wu 12:29:01 UTC)

August 15, 2003 Link to this post

Twelve new dialogue snippets added to our Dialogue Databank for you today, courtesy of Captain Spark. Comin' up on 600 entries... (Louis Wu 14:05:24 UTC)

August 13, 2003 Link to this post

Work of art, people.
25 dialogue snippets have been submitted in the past week - apologies for taking so long to process them. New Grunts, Sarges, and Marines... check 'em out in our Dialogue Databank! (Louis Wu 05:04:02 UTC)

August 6, 2003 Link to this post

Cold fusion on me!
Bungie, not to be outdone by rabid fans, has released 30 new dialogue snippets in their OWN Dialogue archive (not to be confused with our Dialogue Databank) - some of these are not actually accessible in the shipping game, so you wanna get 'em from Bungie. I don't think we'll add these directly to our collection - but the nice thing is, they're classified by what action is needed to find them, so dialogue hunters might have a chance of collecting SOME of them the old-fashioned way... Bungie's page isn't searchable, but the latest additions are marked 'new'. (Louis Wu 21:51:00 UTC)

August 5, 2003 Link to this post

Fans rock. For lots of reasons.
It took a LONG time, and a LOT of help from Warbow and Free at Last (who did all the real gruntwork)... but the Miscellaneous Section is finally up-to-date. (Well, almost. There were a couple of things yesterday that should probably go in it... but they're not local yet.) Some of the search functionality has been improved, as well - if you know you read about something cool and it's not in any other section... this is the place to look. (The Dialogue Databank? It's in the HBO Prime section. And so on.) Whew! 50 new items, in 8 months. That's a lotta stuff! (Louis Wu 21:04:05 UTC)

August 5, 2003 Link to this post

You run faster than your mascara!
11 new dialogue snippets from Captain Spark for the Dialogue Databank. The man is a treasure trove - 416 of the 554 snippets currently in the collection have come from him - and they're almost invariably clean (minimal background noise, good capture). Enjoy these! (Louis Wu 08:46:20 UTC)

July 31, 2003 Link to this post

And the sound collection grows...
27 new dialogue snippets from Captain Spark today, including this rare but hilarious one. Check out the Dialogue Databank! (Louis Wu 12:46:35 UTC)

July 30, 2003 Link to this post

New dialogue snippets... and a poll
Large submissions to the Dialogue Databank recently from c0ld vengeance and Captain Spark - you'll find another 54 snippets today, bringing the total to a chunk over 500. (Before any of you get on my case about some of these being scripted - yes, a couple are, but they're not triggered 100% of the time, so I deemed them valid for inclusion.) I decided to resurrect the 7 day poll, because a couple of the crewmen lines I heard recently actually made me laugh out loud, they were so bad... so the question is: what is the lamest crewman snippet in Halo? You guys have a week to vote - the lines in the poll actually lead to dialogue snippets (which will open in a new window), so you can listen to the options before casting your vote. There were a few that were lamer than these... but they were too long to fit nicely into the form. (How's THAT for a scientific survey?) Lastly - I've got my fingers crossed, it's been about 3 years since I wrote any poll code... I'm HOPING this works. :-) (Louis Wu 03:25:52 UTC)

July 29, 2003 Link to this post

Dialogue Snippets - back on track
Last week, Jamirus99 submitted another dozen snippets for the Dialogue Databank. We're finally getting around to putting them up now. I also added one I grabbed recently, during a runthrough of the Pillar of Autumn - it made me laugh, and in fact, after some recent comments posted on our forum, has prompted me to think about something we haven't done for years... a poll. Gimme a little bit to put it together, and then we'll have a dialogue-related question for you to toss your two cents into. (Louis Wu 09:12:41 UTC)

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