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Halo news back Thursday, June 20, 2013 Halo news forward

Anoj's All You Need To Know: E3 Halo Trailer
Anoj posted another 'All You Need to Know' about Halo 5 - he spends a bunch of time talking about why it's not labeled as Halo 5 (for what it's worth, I mentioned the '5' visible in the clouds above the 'Halo' to a 343 dev, and was told that it was, indeed, coincidental), then he walks through the rest of the trailer. Go see if you agree with his analysis! (Louis Wu 23:22:20 UTC) (permalink)


HB 619: In Which Bravo Trashtalks BS Angel (Again)
After a one-week hiatus (the community team were all pretty busy at E3 last week), the Halo Bulletin is back, and full of fun stuff. There's some news about an upcoming tournament with half a million dollars in prizes (!!), a summary of the goodness that was E3, some matchmaking update details (both this week and next), and a screenshot spotlight on one of the most underappreciated characters in the Halo game series. As always, you can read it on Halo Waypoint or in our Halo Bulletin Archive. But read it! (Louis Wu 18:18:44 UTC) (permalink)


Push It To The Limit
Edge, from Halotracker, sent word of Push It to the Limit, a new montage combining Reach and Halo 4 footage (and even a few Halo 3 clips) from the HT community, put together by Krayte. Some great action in here! (Louis Wu 18:12:33 UTC) (permalink)


Forever: A John and Cortana Tribute
Also a couple of days ago, AssaultGodzilla released Forever - it's a tribute to John 117 and Cortana, and their special relationship. As always, awesome synchronization. Go watch - he tells an interesting story! (Louis Wu 18:04:41 UTC) (permalink)


Reclaimer - a summary
We are WAAAY behind on our coverage of TTL Demag0gue's Reclaimer comic - our last mention was on July 7. Since then, he released Metarch, A Game of Patience, Phoenix Reborn, and Preemtion - Ferial does a fine job explaining what he's been doing these last few millenia. Go read! (Louis Wu 18:00:11 UTC) (permalink)


PGCR 167: Mendicant Bias
Robowski and friends hashed out the clues from the Xbox One Halo trailer (and announced a new podcast) on their latest episode of Post Game Carnage Report - go listen! (Louis Wu 17:55:16 UTC) (permalink)


Revisiting old friends
RC Master has finished up his Spartan Ops series - so he's gone back to revisit older games, and provide commentary for runs he hadn't done before. You can check out his speed run of The Package, as well as his 13-minute run of Pillar of Autumn (both from Reach), now with new commentary. (The rest of his Reach Legendary runs are in this playlist.) (Louis Wu 17:53:56 UTC) (permalink)


HaloCE3 2013
Recently, Matthew Dratt let us know about Halo CE3, an upcoming live streamed show based on Halo Custom Edition - they will be showing off brand-new content from the Halo Custom Edition community. This will take place on July 13, at 4pm Eastern - you can find a trailer to pump you up on YouTube, or just swing by the HaloCE3 website. Looks pretty slick! (Louis Wu 17:50:30 UTC) (permalink)


Wednesday's news in brief:

Grifball Court-Sculptors Wanted
Competitive Halo is How Important?
Halo 4 Glitches - Episode 2

Tuesday's news in brief:

Halo 4, Used - Cheap

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