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Halo news back Thursday, May 9, 2013 Halo news forward

The state of the Halo Union
The Halo Bulletin went live again last night, as it does most Wednesday nights - swing by Halo Waypoint (or our own Halo Bulletin Archive) to give it a read. A special visitor to the studio, a look at upcoming weapon tunings,, and some great shots involving the Battle Rifle are all covered. Give it a read! (Louis Wu 19:22:54 UTC) (permalink)


ODST Cutscenes - now in Surround Sound!
Cody Miller has once again upgraded our Cutscene Library - he's re-recorded all of the Halo 3: ODST cutscenes in full surround sound! Pretty awesome. Go watch 'em again! (Louis Wu 19:16:09 UTC) (permalink)


Halo HORSE 126
The in-office HORSE tournament continues over at AchievementHunter - this round, Jordan takes on Ryan. You can watch it on AH.com or YouTube. Thanks, Nikko B201. (Louis Wu 19:11:57 UTC) (permalink)


Johnny Manziel Aces His Halo 4 Final
The satire site SportsPickle News has a story about the dream schedule of many a college athlete... heck, many a college student. Thanks, CARDO 8 ATL. (Louis Wu 19:05:56 UTC) (permalink)


@HaloCharts Twitter Stats Service
Firestream let us know of a new Twitter-based stats service - you can send a tweet to @HaloCharts with a message that reads

#halo4stats YourGamertagHere

you will receive a reply with the stats of that gamertag. (He provided a screenshot of an example tweet, if this isn't clear enough.) Pretty cool! (Stats include your current Spartan Rank, number of games, K/D, and top CSR.) (Louis Wu 19:02:46 UTC) (permalink)


Green and Blue - Piano Version
A few days ago, LadyBossChannel released a beautiful rendition of Halo 4's Green and Blue, on piano. Glorious! Thanks, bs angel. (Louis Wu 18:59:15 UTC) (permalink)


Wednesday's news in brief:

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Tuesday's news in brief:

Tyrant's Halo 4 Mythic Walkthrough - Midnight
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