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BOSTON STRONG Grifball Marathon Fundraiser
SquirrelBurrito and MasterSundown are organizing multiple Grifball fundraiser events to help raise money for the victims and families affected by the recent Boston Marathon bombings. Grifball.net currently has a donation campaign set up on Hopemob.org, all donations go to The One Fund Boston. There's a Halo Waypoint Article detailing event scheduling and ways to get involved and be sure to visit Grifball.net for updates. Go play Halo and get involved for a good cause. (colindosaj 21:52:43 UTC) (permalink)


University of Minnesota Halo 4 Tournament
Ernest Lin sent word of a Halo 4 tournament that is being held this Saturday at the Coffman Memorial Union building on the University of Minnesota campus - he mentioned something about 'substantial' prizes. Check out the link for details. (colindosaj 21:41:37 UTC) (permalink)


Podtacular 364
Dust Storm let us know that Podtacular 364 is live (technically it came out yesterday) - the crew focus in on a 'controversial' Halo article from Gamasutra that discuses the development of Halo 4. They also talk about the future of Halo and what they think needs to be done to keep the franchise going. Go listen! (colindosaj 21:33:39 UTC) (permalink)


Yeah, Games ARE Art
ElzarTheBam pointed out FYeah JLBiggs' gaming screenshots Tumblr - its' a collection of beautiful screenhots taken from almost any game you can think of, including Halo (mostly Halo 2 and Halo 3.) Gosh, Halo 2 is still really easy on the eyes. Go look! (colindosaj 17:04:29 UTC) (permalink)


Undercover Spartan
If you have been to Times Square then you've probably seen people dressed up as popular cartoon, comic, and video game characters who will take pictures with tourists for tips. According to Joshua, these people are robbed of their tips at the end of the day. The cool part is that the NYPD are cracking down on these criminals by going undercover and dressing up as…Master Chief! Go check out the Waypoint article (pictures included.) Awesome! Thanks, Ozzy Onya A2Z. (colindosaj 17:02:34 UTC) (permalink)


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