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Ignoring the Warnings
Carnage A51 stopped by and let us know about a fun Halo 4 video clip montage called Super Fun Time: Episode 1. Go and check it out! (it is a bit NSFW, so be careful) (GrimBrother One 18:03:28 UTC) (permalink)


More aPK (and some Clicked)
aPK stopped by last night with word of Clips of the Week, Episode 6 - it's full of moments where staying on his feet made the difference between winning and losing. Not too long after that, xClicked announced the latest Versus episode - he and aPK face off in a Halo Reach minigame called 'Crate Parade'. It's like a shredder... but not really. Who can get to the top of the hill first? (Louis Wu 15:01:27 UTC) (permalink)


Wait... Where is Fistful?!
Toby Dillman told us about a post he saw on Reddit featuring a pretty awesome timeline of the Halo Universe. You can check it the GoogleDoc directly right here. Pretty comprehensive, go and give it a thorough look! (GrimBrother One 13:08:44 UTC) (permalink)


Isn't This The One Where Vader Dies?
Robowski from Post Game Carnage Report let us know that Episode 6 of "A Fridge 2 Far 2" is now live and available for your viewing pleasure. Go and see what sorts of shenanigans they're up to this time! (GrimBrother One 13:03:39 UTC) (permalink)


Monday's news in brief:

Halo 4 Ending - Recut
On My Mark
Halo 4 Top 5 - Episode 2: Splatters
The Halo Mole
Playtime S4E2 - Customer Service

Sunday's news in brief:

Towers in the mist
Double XP for Spartan Ops

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