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Halo news back Wednesday, April 10, 2013 Halo news forward

Halo 4 OST V2 - now available
UnrealCh13f let us know that the Halo 4 Soundtrack Volume 2 is now available - you can buy it at Amazon, or at Halo4Soundtrack.com. (You can also stream it on Spotify.) This is digital-only; it's not available on CD. (Louis Wu 12:33:21 UTC) (permalink)


Painting the Edge
Wow, awesome - pete_the_duck (with some help from NOKYARD) showed how you can make visible safe/kill boundaries in Grifball! No more trying to guess where that edge is... (Louis Wu 12:26:37 UTC) (permalink)


CSR Trackers hit the scene
mastrbiggy passed along a pair of new CSR trackers, courtesy of NeoGAF - Rev3rb created this one - simple and clean - while CyReN pointed out another one I can't get to load. If you want to keep track of your brand-new Competitive Skill Rating, here are some tools for the job! (Louis Wu 12:22:31 UTC) (permalink)


Madness for Madness
TTL Demag0gue stopped by with a new Reclaimer - if you haven't finished Silentium, this MIGHT be considered to contain spoilers. However, since these ideas came completely out of Demag0gue's head, maybe not. Check it out! (Louis Wu 12:09:59 UTC) (permalink)


Scientifically Spea- Ranking
Sal Salerno let us know about his Periodic Table of Competitive Skill Ranks - if numbers alone weren't enough to help you determine your skill level then perhaps this more 'scientific' approach will be of more use to you. Go check it out! (colindosaj 12:04:11 UTC) (permalink)


Anoj's Top 10 Splatters an Vehicle Kills: Episode 22
Anoj's latest Halo 4 top 10 video focuses on spatters and vehicle kills - number two is probably the coolest vehicle moment I've seen in a while! Thanks, Tawpgun. (colindosaj 10:46:50 UTC) (permalink)


A Majestic Glitch
Tashi witnessed a Spartan go into phase mode and fall through the geometry on Monolith - even more strange is Tashi's taste in music. Go watch! (colindosaj 10:41:27 UTC) (permalink)


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Monday's news in brief:

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