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Halo news back Sunday, April 7, 2013 Halo news forward

343's Moving Castle
If you want to watch some Castle Map Pack action this evening, in preparation to release tomorrow, 343 will be streaming, beginning at 5pm PDT. Check it out! (Louis Wu 23:00:51 UTC) (permalink)


Halo 4 Lithographs
Deadly Cyclone found a few Halo 4 lithographs for sale - they are pretty darn neat, though I would skip buying the frame : /. Go get them while you can! (colindosaj 09:57:05 UTC) (permalink)


Drunken Halo 52
Justin Bryce sent word that Drunken Halo episode 52 is live - Travis (and Justin) are joined by one of the founding members of Tea Bag or Die, The Quim Ninja. Go listen! (colindosaj 09:49:33 UTC) (permalink)


The Forge Perspective
pete_the_duck uploaded Forge walkthrough videos for each of the maps included in the Halo 4 Castle map pack - go check 'em out! (colindosaj 09:49:03 UTC) (permalink)


Playtime: Castle
Warren and Cobra explore Daybreak, Outcast and Perdition in the latest machinima short from CruelLEGACY Productions. GASP - those are some incredible sky boxes! (colindosaj 09:48:22 UTC) (permalink)


Deadpoint - Halo PC Trick Jumping Montage
Mator dropped the the forums to share his Halo PC trick jumping montage, 'Deadpoint' - I've seen quite a few trick jumping videos, yet this video showed off plenty of jumps I've never seen before. Go watch! (colindosaj 09:47:35 UTC) (permalink)


Castle Map Pack Guide
Go Beyond Entertainment released a Castle map pack guide - the crew give the low down on map strategy, weapon spawns, cool jumps and more. Get ready to dominate come Monday! Thanks, CyReN. (colindosaj 09:46:54 UTC) (permalink)


Saturday's news in brief:

Local Pimpage Failure
Podtacular's Spartan Ops coverage - Season 1 Second Half
Fails of the Weak 133
Area 52 Perfect Dark Remake in Halo 4
Castle Previews all live on Waypoint
Spectator Mode - Stalking Podcasts
Take a girl for a ride
Reclaimer - Of Gods and Precursors
Horizon now handles Halo 4 Game Variants

Friday's news in brief:

Momma said knock you out!
Spartan Ops E10: Exodus, Legendary Solo No Deaths
Halo pops up in the oddest places
PGCR 156
More Halo in Your Halo
Sandbox Science & WHAT THE LOL
I Heard You Like Halo...
Burn - Fan Made Halo Music Video
Origins - Forge Island Map

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