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Local Pimpage Failure
Wow, was cleaning up some notes and ran across this - totally forgot to post it a couple of days ago! If you're anywhere near Kansas City this weekend, be sure to stop by Planet Comicon - our very own Leviathan will be there, and maybe you can get him to draw something cool for you! (Louis Wu 18:36:54 UTC) (permalink)


Podtacular's Spartan Ops coverage - Season 1 Second Half
Back in February, we mentioned Podtacular's coverage of Spartan Ops - they were halfway through the season at that point. (If you missed any of those episodes, that newspost contains links to all 5.) They've finished the ten Episodes at this point - here are the second 5:

Once again, HaloFanForLife is on board to help - go listen! (Louis Wu 18:36:19 UTC) (permalink)


Fails of the Weak 133
There's a new Fails of the Weak live on both AchievementHunter.com and YouTube - and it's actually full of some fun fails! Go watch. Thanks, Nikko B201. (Louis Wu 17:25:08 UTC) (permalink)


Area 52 Perfect Dark Remake in Halo 4
FyreWulff has recreated the Perfect Dark map 'Area 52' in Halo 4's Forge - go check out the pics, and then grab a copy and reminisce! (Louis Wu 17:23:22 UTC) (permalink)


Castle Previews all live on Waypoint
The Castle Map Pack drops this Monday - and you can get an early look at the maps on Halo Waypoint. The Daybreak preview went live on Thursday, as we told you, and then Perdition went up yesterday (thanks, CARDO 8 ATL), and finally Outcast is live today. Prepare yourself! (Louis Wu 16:59:36 UTC) (permalink)


Spectator Mode - Stalking Podcasts
Kete told us about another Spectator Mode podcast - this time he's spying on Post Game Carnage Report. Block out some time this Tuesday evening! (Louis Wu 16:56:01 UTC) (permalink)


Take a girl for a ride
The Lionheart found a piece of Cortana fan art that's pretty interesting! Quirkilicious (we mentioned his rendition of Cal-141 a couple of years ago) created a piece called 'Take a girl for a ride' - go check it out! (Louis Wu 16:54:22 UTC) (permalink)


Reclaimer - Of Gods and Precursors
TTL Demag0gue stopped by yesterday with the latest episode of Reclaimer - you get some Precursor history! It's inspired by Greg Bear's work... but has its own twist. (Louis Wu 16:50:13 UTC) (permalink)


Horizon now handles Halo 4 Game Variants
kornman00 pointed out a modding tool being released by Xbox Message Boards (don't use this if you don't know what you're doing, folks) that can actually now edit Halo 4 game variants. Pretty cool! (Louis Wu 16:48:44 UTC) (permalink)


Friday's news in brief:

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PGCR 156
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Origins - Forge Island Map

Thursday's news in brief:

Daybreaking News
CSR U Ready?
Pacific Nerd West Halo 4 Tournament
Five Halo CE Facts
MLG Episode 9
Halo HORSE 121

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