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Stay in Mammoth to Avoid Death by Reclaimed Water
Podtacular invited yours truly to join the show for the Reclaimer episode of their Halo 4 campaign walkthrough series. Lots of great discussion was had, tips were given and credited, bad jokes were made, and fun ran rampant. Give it a listen and see if you agree! (GrimBrother One 23:53:22 UTC) (permalink)


Spartan Ops Cutscene Library Updated
A combination of a really busy morning and a much-larger-than-usual collection of uploads conspired to delay the updating of our Spartan Ops Cutscene Library - but it is complete now, as far as Season 1 goes. Swing by to view or download Episode 10, the Season 1 Epilogue, and the Season 1 Credits! (Louis Wu 20:05:37 UTC) (permalink)


An Axe to Grind
If you enjoyed the opening episode of the new machinima series "Renegades" by Nuclear Taco Productions, then don't miss Episode 2, which is now available! Follow Axe and Kane as they travel towards their destination, metting up with inevitable obstacles. Check it out! (GrimBrother One 14:43:20 UTC) (permalink)


Dax01's Halo 3 Co-Op Story
For her birthday, Dax01 sat down with Dan Miller of Bungie for a few games of Halo 3 co-op. She details the entire game session (pics and all) and shares some developer insight into Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST. Go check it out! (colindosaj 11:39:47 UTC) (permalink)


MLG Season Finale
deathmcgunz let us know that season finale of the Halo 3 machinima, MLG, is live - Cameron gets his shot at the clan and Remey gets what she's always wanted. Great job with the first season - I hope to see more episodes in the future. Go watch! (colindosaj 11:32:02 UTC) (permalink)


Spartan Ops Season 1 Conclusion and Matchmaking Update
Spartan Ops Season 1 comes to a conclusion with the release of Episode 10, 'Exodus' - there's actually two parts to watch. Along with new Spartan Ops content, the Team Throwdown playlist went live this morning - Bravo posted all the details. Go watch and read! (colindosaj 11:24:19 UTC) (permalink)


Sunday's news in brief:

An early look at Majestic's maps
A Season 4 Playtime
Russian Meteorite (Halo Edit)
Podtacular Campaign Coverage Hits the Halfway Mark
Halo 4: Forerunner Binary Rifle (Fan Prop)
Inside of an Xbox

Saturday's news in brief:

Fails of the Weak 126
Halo 4 : Awakeing (Piano)
Science Mountain RE-CUT
Dust and Echoes Episode 32

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