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Halo news back Saturday, February 16, 2013 Halo news forward

Fails of the Weak 126
Jack and Geoff from Achievement Hunter present Fails of the Weak Volume 126 (AH & YouTube) - being betrayed by a teammate in a Warthog is one thing, but respawning and then immediately being betrayed by a teammate driving a Ghost is just bad luck. Thanks, Nikko B201. (colindosaj 10:47:58 UTC) (permalink)


Halo 4 : Awakeing (Piano)
Foan Song is back with another Halo 4 piano cover - this time we are graced with a rendition of Awakening. Like his last cover, he sneaks in older Halo themes - it provides a nice contrast. Love it! (colindosaj 10:47:07 UTC) (permalink)


Science Mountain RE-CUT
MoltenSlowa thought that this week's Spartan Ops mission, Science Mountain, was lacking in the music department - it just didn't have that certain Halo oomph. He decided to edit in other Halo tracks - It's really nice to hear those pounding drums again. Cool! (colindosaj 10:30:37 UTC) (permalink)


Dust and Echoes Episode 32
Tom let us know that Dust and Echoes Episode 32 is live - the crew discuss Team Doubles, Team Snipers, Spartan Ops and the upcoming Title Update. Go listen! (colindosaj 10:23:35 UTC) (permalink)


Friday's news in brief:

All Skulls, No Bulk!
Still Fulfilling His Destiny
Anoj's Top 10 WTF Moments: Episode 15
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Rockslide Megabattle

Thursday's news in brief:

Chief Finds His Way Into A Harlem Shake Video
Bad Idea, Good Idea
Space Whales
Achievement HORSE 114
COVER: Halo CE - 'Under Cover of Night'
The Halo Bulletin: 2.13.13
Halo 4 Vector Emblem Pack
Halo 2 PC Support Extended

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