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Halo news back Thursday, February 14, 2013 Halo news forward SMACK!

Chief Finds His Way Into A Harlem Shake Video
Yet another Harlem Shake video (sorry) - this time from freddiew. You never know what to expect from a freddiew video - I'm still not sure what I just watched, but I did see the Chief in there somewhere. (colindosaj 21:36:34 UTC) (permalink)


Bad Idea, Good Idea
Dust Storm dropped by the forum to let us know about a new video series called 'Bad Idea, Good Idea' - ALWAYS bring a tank. Neat concept for a series, go watch! (colindosaj 20:56:06 UTC) (permalink)


Space Whales
343i's Paul Richards posted some Halo 4 art - there are some really great pieces of art showing off Forerunner artifacts (some of them creepy) and interesting looking structures. There's also a space whale - BRING BACK the space whale (I guess it turned into the Sky Leviathan.) Thanks, TheOddOne. (colindosaj 20:46:05 UTC) (permalink)


Achievement HORSE 114
Jack and Michael from Achievement Hunter face off in the latest episode of Halo PIG ( AH & YouTube) - the sniper tower looks really fun, though I would add Speed Boost for extra hilarity. Thanks, Nikko B201 . (colindosaj 20:36:12 UTC) (permalink)


COVER: Halo CE - 'Under Cover of Night'
cursedlemon covered the song ' Under Cover of Night' from Halo CE - it's really well done and the improvised solo is awesome. Nostalgia chills just shot up the back of my neck. Go watch! Thanks, CyReN. (colindosaj 20:27:21 UTC) (permalink)


The Halo Bulletin: 2.13.13
This week's Halo Waypoint bulletin is up - bs angel provides some rather suspicious Halo eValentines pictures and provides on update on season one of Spartan Ops. We also get details about next week's matchmaking update, including Team Throwdown settings and information regarding the upcoming Title Update. A local version of the bulletin is available too. Go read! (colindosaj 10:09:45 UTC) (permalink)


Halo 4 Vector Emblem Pack
SKCRISIS finally finished the Halo 4 Vector Emblem Pack he has been working on for the last month and a half - there are 174 PSD files you can use to make high quality multiplayer emblems for whatever project you might be working on. Nice work! (colindosaj 09:59:25 UTC) (permalink)


Halo 2 PC Support Extended
Halo 2 PC servers were scheduled to be axed THIS Friday, but 343i's David Ellis tweeted that the game will be supported through June 2013 - that gives you a little more time to BXR foes until your heart's content. (colindosaj 09:51:22 UTC) (permalink)


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