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For the Love of Halo 4
Not sure how we missed this when it was released back in November, but Jesse Cale wrote a song called 'For the Love of Halo 4' - and posted a video... with a little help from Nak3d Eli. (If the name doesn't sound familiar... you've probably heard his music before. He's responsible for the soundtrack of the Master Chief vs Leonidas Epic Rap Battle last year.) Thanks to malfcn for finding this. (Louis Wu 17:48:01 UTC) (permalink)


Mini-Covies, Revisited
We've seen mini-Covies on Spartan Ops before - and we know it's not a bug... but we don't really know what causes it. Recently, CrazedOne1988 and friends encountered it again on Ragnarok, and got some pretty fun footage. (I liked the closeups... and I liked the rubber-banded corpse at the end.) Maybe one day we'll get to the bottom of this mystery! (Louis Wu 17:37:51 UTC) (permalink)


Slowly Does It
He's a bit late (2 months or so, in fact), but Morpheus finally announced the winners of his Easy Does It 2 contest. Congrats to Eyeja Pearson, CDRomm, and RC Master! (Louis Wu 17:31:21 UTC) (permalink)


Next time, I want a transcript.
Mig stopped in last night with a link to a video called 'Halo 4 Case Study - Narrative Case Studies'. I watched it. I have NO CLUE AT ALL what I saw. See if you can do any better. (Louis Wu 17:29:42 UTC) (permalink)


Oh! You Pretty Thing
FyreWulff uploaded hundreds of native 720p screen caps of Halo 4's campaign cinematics and levels. It is a nice reminder of how fantastic the art, cinematography and lighting is in Halo 4. Now I can sit and marvel at the the game's beauty without being slaughtered by Promethean and Covenant forces. Thanks, Fyrewulff! (colindosaj 10:32:47 UTC) (permalink)


Halo 4 Light Rifle Re-Imagined
Prinz Eugn shared his re-imagining of the Halo 4 Light Rifle. He also provided a legitimate gameplay reason as to why he re-designed the weapon - the Light Rifle and the Binary Rifle are sometimes hard to tell apart. I have to agree with that. Check it out and let him know what you think. (colindosaj 10:16:19 UTC) (permalink)


Gorgeous Halo Concept Art Images For Your Desktop
Blamite was kind enough to share his collection of Halo concept art desktop wallpapers. There are a total of 158 images to drool over. It was really neat to be able to look through years of Halo art. Great stuff! (colindosaj 09:58:07 UTC) (permalink)


Volition - A Halo 4 Trick Jumping Video
The SuperWaffle let us know about this incredible Halo 4 trick jump video by Reiko. It is beautifully edited and there are A LOT of really impressive jumps as well as some cool spaces that I didn't think players could actually get to. I might go and attempt some of these myself. Awesome! (colindosaj 09:41:17 UTC) (permalink)


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