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Animation from Victor Chavez
Victor Chavez is an animator for 343. He just updated his animation reel - and it includes some Halo 4 stuff (death animations, shooting animations). Go take a look! Thanks, Hypertrooper. Update: Looks like Victor no longer works at 343... now he's at Bungie. Thanks, Veegie. (Louis Wu 19:30:44 UTC) (permalink)


I go rampant on that junk
I stumbled across a YouTube account called 'fatfinger' - has some pretty funny game-related animation. Two of their videos are Halo-specific: Video Game Therapist was released last November, and has Chief and Cortana working out some... issues, while GameStain - Halo 4 (out this week) shows us what Halo 4 brings to the table. Not fully SFW... but they're funny, and it's the weekend. So go watch! (Louis Wu 18:24:45 UTC) (permalink)


MLG Trailer
DeathMcGunz sent word of a trailer for a new Halo 3-based machinima series, 'MLG' - fine start! Keep your eyes open - ep one is coming in a week. (Louis Wu 18:18:57 UTC) (permalink)


Halo-Point Bullets
Kotaku reports how earlier this week, 'Dual Survival' on the Discovery Channel, featured an ammunition brand called 'Halo-Point' manufactured by Liberty Ammunition. If the obvious play on wording wasn't enough, the ammunition box even used Halo's signature font. As it turns out, Microsoft wasn't too happy about the situation and it seems that Liberty Ammunitions went ahead and re-branded their ammunition. Be sure to check out the article for more details. (colindosaj 13:10:44 UTC) (permalink)


Halo 4 - Fails of the Week Vol. 120
Jack and Geoff from Achievement Hunter are back with another episode of 'Fails of the Week'. Who knew ordnance could float? Watch it on YouTube or on AH.com. Thanks, Nikko B201 (colindosaj 10:33:10 UTC) (permalink)


Anoj's Top 10 Unusual Kills: Episode 9
Anoj released his latest Top 10 video - this one is titled 'Unusual Kills". These are some of the funniest Halo 4 kills I've seen! Thanks, Jordan Bell. (colindosaj 09:34:01 UTC) (permalink)


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