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Halo news back Monday, November 19, 2012 Halo news forward

CruelLEGACY's Halo 4 Review
CruelLEGACY wrote a very detailed review of Halo 4. He provides some really interesting feedback on almost every aspect of the game. It is a fantastic read, especially for hardcore fans. Go check it out! (colindosaj 21:51:39 UTC) (permalink)


Pumpkin Voting - Ending Today!
Thanks for everyone who stepped up and voted over the weekend for our Guilt O' Lantern contestants - we're still pretty low, overall, but it's no longer embarrassing. It's time to actually AWARD those cool prizes, so if you haven't voted - today's your last chance! We'll close the polls this evening, and announce the winners in the morning. (Louis Wu 15:24:31 UTC) (permalink)


FLAG Grifsassination
tiny stopped in with a pretty cool pano stitched together from a filler game played during the FLAG Tournament this weekend... what an awesome assassination! (Louis Wu 15:21:42 UTC) (permalink)


Ops-Cast Episode 2: Endless Nickels
MoltenSlowa and friends have released the second episode of their Spartan Ops-themed podcast, Ops-Cast - this one focuses on Episode 2! (Whoa, you'd almost think the numbering system was related to the Spartan Ops release schedule...) (Louis Wu 15:20:30 UTC) (permalink)


The Gym v2.0
Schooly D has revisited his idea of a practice environment (he'd built one for Reach) - swing by his post for screenshots and a video showing off The Gym 2.0, now for Halo 4! (Louis Wu 15:18:35 UTC) (permalink)


Halo 4: Outside Composer
t00lbox found a way out of the Campaign level Composer - some interesting interactions on the outside! Go play. (Louis Wu 15:16:42 UTC) (permalink)


RC Master's Halo 4 Review
RC Master put together a monster review of Halo 4, broken into 4 separate parts. The opening piece is here, but then there are followups on Campaign Levels, Infinity Multiplayer, and Spartan Ops and enemies. Only the Infinity Multiplayer section is fully spoiler-free. Go give it a read! (Louis Wu 15:15:23 UTC) (permalink)


Sunday's news in brief:

Quick Tips: Predicting Ordnance Drops
Thruster Busters - Try It Today!
Superfast Ugly Claw Dudes
Amazing Campaign Pano
Forgotten Treasures III
Elites and Beam Rifles, yup...

Saturday's news in brief:

Day One Glyph for early adopters
Area rugs... huh.
Pano Collection #3
Fails of the Weak 113
Arks and Crafts: Hard Light Candy
Crimson, push that button!
Seekers, Episode 3

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