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Quick Tips: Predicting Ordnance Drops
Halo Council's Clicked wants to help you with Global Ordnance Drops - swing by to watch his video and learn some timing. Thanks, CyReN. (Louis Wu 19:46:40 UTC) (permalink)


Thruster Busters - Try It Today!
The Halo Forge Epidemic created a pretty cool custom mini-game for Halo 4 called 'Thruster Busters' - I haven't played it, but the video explaining how it works makes it look like an awful lot of fun! Go give it a try. Thanks to NeoGAF's MrBig for the heads-up. (Louis Wu 16:34:52 UTC) (permalink)


Superfast Ugly Claw Dudes
Hedgemony released ANOTHER batch of panoramic shots - this time, he focuses (mostly) on Multiplayer's Flood mode. Wow. (Louis Wu 16:24:05 UTC) (permalink)


Amazing Campaign Pano
munky-058 put together a really amazing SPOILER-FILLED panorama from the last campaign level; if you haven't played, skip this for now. If you have, join the speculation about the white stuff! (I think Vincent's on to something.) (Louis Wu 16:22:29 UTC) (permalink)


Forgotten Treasures III
Forge Hub wants your remakes! Swing by the Forgotten Treasures III announcement page for full details of this new contest - thanks, ZaneZavin. (Louis Wu 16:17:30 UTC) (permalink)


Elites and Beam Rifles, yup...
LegendaryKRy found a neat little secret on the level "Requiem" where you go up against eight Beam Rifle wielding Elites. EIGHT! Confused as to why these Elites would appear, LegendaryKRy was hoping to find a major easter egg, no luck so far. He is asking for your help to further investigate. Thanks, Pok3R Fac3D (colindosaj 07:05:06 UTC) (permalink)


Saturday's news in brief:

Day One Glyph for early adopters
Area rugs... huh.
Pano Collection #3
Fails of the Weak 113
Arks and Crafts: Hard Light Candy
Crimson, push that button!
Seekers, Episode 3

Friday's news in brief:

Please vote!
Grifball Evolved
The very first production copy of Halo 4
Halo Analysis: Strafing
Can you carry TVs between houses?
The Art of Halo 4, examined
Scrambled Eggheads Previewed
Waypoint Community Spotlight: Pete The Duck
Halotracker's Halo 4 Weekly Montage 1: Infinity Slayer
Black Powder Music pays tribute to Halo
An incredible statue collection
Anoj's Halo 4 Top 10: Multikills.
Halo Hockey Jersey
VG Battle of the Sexes: Halo vs. Metroid
UrDoingItWrong! Episode 1: Worst Loadout Ever
Mixing Halo with... politics?
Talkin' 'bout Halo 4
Astounding Kat Armor Build
Friday's Fan Fiction

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