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Halo news back Wednesday, May 23, 2012 Halo news forward

Halo Reach Top 10 Episode 46: Epic Fails (plus explains)
Anoj has released Episode 46 of his Top 10 series - this one shows some epic fails. (There are some great ones in here.) Thanks, Jordan Bell. Update: Anoj has been busy - there's also a new 'Anoj Explains' video out, looking at gameplay we've seen, the Limited Edition, and weapons. Thanks again, Jordan. (Louis Wu 21:12:44 UTC) (permalink)


THF Summer Editing Contest
The Halo Forum is running a Summer Editing Contest - prizes include LIVE memberships and cash, as well as uploads. Go jump in! Thanks, RVideo. (Louis Wu 21:06:00 UTC) (permalink)


Requiem Episode 7
HAL0 M4N sent word that the 7th episode of his Zombie series, Requiem, is now online - new cast members, new explanations! Go watch. (Louis Wu 21:03:41 UTC) (permalink)


What If Halo Shipped Without Multiplayer?
1UP took a look at the near thing that Halo's multiplayer was, and speculates about what the FPS market would look like today if Halo had NOT had multiplayer - except for spelling Hardy LeBel's name wrong a few times, it's a great piece. It's amazing how much our gaming landscape owes to this one small afterthought in the original game! Thanks, CyReN. (Louis Wu 20:38:20 UTC) (permalink)


Halo 4 for $35
Not bad - Microsoft is offering a $25 coupon (points, I assume) if you preorder Halo 4 directly from them. For folks who buy things from Xbox Live Marketplace, this is a great deal! Thanks, H3xum. (Louis Wu 16:39:31 UTC) (permalink)


Google a Myth
Today is Robert Moog's 78th birthday. To celebrate, Google has a cool little easter egg going... and Bhwrice took advantage. You should go listen! Update: Another one from Zee-V70, over at NeoGAF. Update 2: hezekiah tried 'Under Cover of Night' - I'm not so sure about this one. :) (Louis Wu 16:34:10 UTC) (permalink)


Playtime S3E9 - Man Cannon 2.0
CruelLEGACEY let us know that Playtime Episode 9 of Season 3 is online - both at his site, and on Halo Waypoint. Go watch! (Louis Wu 16:33:56 UTC) (permalink)


The Tyrant Documentaries 26: Zara Plays Halo II
The Tyrant has posted another episode of his friend Zara playing Halo Anniversary - she might be getting better! (Louis Wu 16:33:38 UTC) (permalink)


Tuesday's news in brief:

Tyrant's Halo Anniversary Mythic Walkthrough - Halo
MLG v BTB Game 3, with commentary
From (near) the Beginning to the End, Fast
The Spartan Force Wants You
Charity Auction dishes the Halo goods
IW Court Case Spills Some Bungie Beans

Monday's news in brief:

Making Lamborghinis out of Pintos
Forge With Pete 1: Battleship
FUD Podcast Adjunct 01 Reach Matchmaking Overview
Heroic - A Halo: Reach montage
Halo PC Trick: The Ghost Froom

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