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Halo news back Thursday, April 12, 2012 Halo news forward

Dedicated fans and bad puns
The latest Bungie Ridealong had DeeJ teaming up with the crew from Bungiepedia to play some Halo 3. Pretty cool read, and very nice pics! (Tom Van Sinden 23:07:26 UTC) (permalink)


First Topic: The Chachi Ceiling, and How You Can Overcome It
CyReN dropped by to let us know that TheHaloCouncil is going to be launching a new community show tonight on their stream. Dubbed "Social Skirmish", the show will focus on various news and topics of debate from around the Halo Community, from casual to competitive. You can catch the stream here at 10pm est tonight. If you've got the time, definitely go and check it out! (GrimBrother One 21:05:36 UTC) (permalink)


Gained the Lead.
For folks who wondered if the Voice of God would be familiar in Halo 4's multiplayer... wonder no more. Unfortunately, you have to be logged in to read it - so here's a screenshot for non-Facebook-users. (Thanks, CyReN.) (Tom Van Sinden 19:03:51 UTC) (permalink)


PGCR 111
Robowski sent word that Post Game Carnage Report 111 is now up - some spirited discussion about Halo 4 can be found within. Go listen! (Tom Van Sinden 19:03:27 UTC) (permalink)


A look at Venerance
The Lionheart sent word that there are some videos to be viewed from the Venerance crew - Venerance is a Crysis 2 Halo mod. Check 'em! (Tom Van Sinden 19:02:58 UTC) (permalink)


Neil Davidge FB Chat, complete
We pointed out an on-the-fly transcription of the Neil Davidge Facebook chat yesterday - but if you want something more complete, check out Little English Halo Blog's reconstruction. Read it from bottom to top! (Tom Van Sinden 19:01:19 UTC) (permalink)


Returning a Boy's Own Adventure
While we don't highlight editorial-style forum posts very often, I really think you should take a look at this one. Crafted lovingly by our very own long-time contributor Hedgemony, he paints a truly inspiring picture of his very personal feelings toward the Halo franchise and the direction it's heading. The post has even gathered the attention of 343 Industries' employees, and certainly deserves at least a passing glance by anyone reading this newspost. If you have a moment, definitely check this out. (GrimBrother One 14:06:32 UTC) (permalink)


Wednesday's news in brief:

Davidge in Rolling Stone
New content from GI emerges
H4 OST Sample Mix - as MP3
Neil Davidge Facebook Chat - Transcribed
Reach Panos - Crash and Burn
New Alexandria - from above
Focus on the Composer
Composing Worlds, and Halo 4 Soundtrack Samples
Davidge on Continuing a Legacy
Halo 4 Composers Announced
Dust and Echoes 8
First Strike in Japanese - finally

Tuesday's news in brief:

Halo's Gametype Design Issues/Fixes - Finished
Video game planets
BOB Video Guide Part 7: Exodus
Playtime S3E3: The Search Begins
From Lurker to Leader: A Frags to Riches Story
Shield and Sword - Shield World
Breaking In - Daniel Hanson
Practical Jumping on Reach Ep 3: MLG Sanctuary v7
PAX East, through the eyes of CL

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