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What Kind of Halo Player Are You?
Over at Bungie.net, KP has written up a great guide to Halo 2 players online (and a quiz, to help show you which type you're most like). What I want to know is... how did it know what kind of underoos I'm wearing? (Louis Wu 23:07:35 UTC) (permalink)


The Birth of a Tattoo
agdTinMan stopped by our forum with the story behind Don Wan's Spartan Tattoo (mentioned, and pictured, in last week's Bungie Weekly Update) - great read! (If you follow the Flickr link he provides, there are other photos in her stream that may or may not look familiar...) (Louis Wu 19:52:49 UTC) (permalink)


The Spartan Effect: Episode 2
The MPRRS went into something of a hibernation over the weekend... but a little kick-start this morning got reviewers reviewing again, and a movie stuck in the queue for 5 days was spit out this afternoon, with pretty high marks. It's 'The Spartan Effect: Episode 2', from Rookie Rabbit Productions, and it continues the story of a team of Spartans faced off against the Covenant in Containment. This episode is as funny as the first one, with very high production values. Looking forward to future episodes! But let's not get ahead of ourselves... grab a copy of Episode 2, in either WMP9 format (61.9 mb) or QuickTime format (53.4 mb), and get laughing! (Louis Wu 17:00:05 UTC) (permalink)


The Mythical 40-Hour Gamer
3Suns ran across an article at Wired about 'the Mythical 40-Hour Gamer', which points out one of the larger difficulties facing developers these days; with more and more older gamers out there, finding ways that make games playable and enjoyable for folks who fit their gaming in between 'real-life' activities while KEEPING it enjoyable for people who have much more time to devote to the activity is tricky. Halo is touted as a game that found the sweet spot - playable in short bursts, but engrossing for much longer periods. It certainly hit home here... go read. (Louis Wu 12:30:33 UTC) (permalink)


Blondi Rocks
Ace Heart noticed a writeup of a local Halo tourney in the Montgomery (AL) Advertiser - puts a smile on my face that a 10-year-old girl came in fourth in her semifinal round. (Louis Wu 12:20:19 UTC) (permalink)


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Ghosts of Onyx, the Audio CD
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