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Halo news back Monday, September 25, 2006 Halo news forward

Hanah Stuart, Exposed
Kotaku hunted down Hanah Stuart, violinist extraordinaire, who made waves a couple of weeks ago as part of a very cool high school Halo music exhibition. It's a monster interview; it kept coming back to discussion about the music, but it did quite a bit of moving around. Pretty funny stuff - and I'm already feeling sorry for Hanah, who is going to have a scary-sized following of mooning males after this... she's smart, talented, and funny. And hot. Thanks, Florian. (Louis Wu 21:12:43 UTC) (permalink)


When the cabin boy gets cabin fever...
KP's been looking for stuff to do - he updated two somewhat neglected sections of Bungie.net, the Gallery (with a cool ninja-kick screenshot) and the Voting Booth (where you can weigh in on the Bungie Podcast). I'm saddened by early returns in the poll... (Louis Wu 19:07:40 UTC) (permalink)


Helm's Deep.
Stuntmutt takes a novel look at the Ghosts of Onyx cover in today's One One Se7en. There's something for everyone! (Louis Wu 17:21:23 UTC) (permalink)


j41m3z got a bunch of stuff signed at Thursday night's Hollywood Bowl VGL show - he scanned a bunch of it for the forum. Lucky! (Louis Wu 13:50:42 UTC) (permalink)


HBO Staff - we're here for you.
Jillybean took some time out from her busy videogame-playing schedule (mostly because she can't play the games she likes with the video card she has) to process some of the recent story-related content floating around out there (including a pretty intriguing observation from Wado just last night). Check out the Halo Story Page for all the goodies! (Louis Wu 13:03:54 UTC) (permalink)


Interview with a janitor
Major Silva, of UNSCDF, snagged me for a few questions recently. I hate pointing out interviews of myself - makes me look like I'm tooting my own horn. So don't read it! Yeah, that's the ticket! Don't follow the link, skip it. Don't go there. (Louis Wu 12:56:49 UTC) (permalink)


Sunday's news in brief:

Ghosts of Onyx, the Audio CD
More to see than can ever be seen.
WikiRiot 17
Console Wars
Dun Dun Dun Dun
Art Infusion

Saturday's news in brief:

MC, Sketched
New Machinima on the way from Treeskunk
Boren Dishes The Dirt
VGL Footage
Another Halo Tat
Halo 3 Logo Wallpaper
A Cavalcade of Audio Fun

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