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December 2, 2003 Link to this post

Inside Halo 2 - in Hi-res splendor
Back in September, an interesting documentary was shown at the X03 event in France. It was a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Halo 2, created by Film Oasis, the company behind 'Inside the Xbox', a documentary shown on the Discovery Channel last summer. Unfortunately, the only version available has been a shakey-cam piece filmed at the show by a French journalist - better than nothing, but still unsatisfying. If you had access to a Best Buy in the United States, and were willing to spend $19.99 for a new controller, you could get a bundled DVD that contained the hi-res version of this film... but it wasn't available on the net. Until now. Thanks to Jim McQuillan at Film Oasis and the legal eagles at Bungie, we're able to bring you this video, in all its hi-res beauty. There are two versions; for the big bandwidth folks, there's a 100 mb, 640x480 copy, and for folks on smaller pipes, you can grab a 38 mb, 320x240 version. We've put up a pair of copies of each (on files.bungie.org and mythica.org) - but we're always happy to spread the bandwidth pain; if you've got the space, grab a copy, and send us the link, we'll add it to our Mirror page. This one's worth seeing. Update: Two new mirrors for each size - Coerce.net and Subnova have both tossed their hats into the Bandwidth ring. Thanks, guys! Update 2: Brian Towne has put up BitTorrent seeds for both large and small versions - grab these if you have the client; not only will they be faster, but they'll be less strain on our mirrors. Thanks! (Louis Wu 17:27:56 UTC)

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