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October 3, 2017 Link to this post

Dr Bizz Recreates Rare Halo 2 Glitch of Spawning Wherever Your Dead Spartan Lands
Want the key to exploring unseen spots in Halo 2 maps? Dr Bizz is back with a super-rare glitch he's recreated that give you those keys! Here's what he had to say about his latest Halo tricking video:

"This is my first success intentionally reproducing the elusive "dead and alive" glitch where the control of a player is loaded into a dead body. You can't shoot, move, throw grenades, enter vehicles, or anything else. All you can do is look around. This has been sought after since early on in the Halo 2 community due to the fact that the normal player can spawn with the dead guy, and he is invincible to damage from anything in the map like death barriers, the fall death, and all other damage with the exception of normal dead body deloading or falling outside the "existence barrier" typically below the maps. So you can throw him anywhere in the levels and as long as it is liveable space you can spawn with him. This is the key to unlocking almost limitless exploration on the maps, and it looks like it is possible to reproduce somewhere on almost all of the levels." (MacGyver10 21:51:12 UTC)

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