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April 13, 2008 Link to this post

Legendary Map Gameplay - Full Game
So, we sort of wanted to give people a taste for how the new maps played - there are already a few films around the net showing them off, but gameplay on the ones I've seen leaves something to be desired. I figured, we had fun during the Humpday challenge - I could just convert the Blackout game to a film, and post it. However... my gameplay on Blackout was pretty boring. And when I tried to watch the game through someone else's eyes, I realized my connection must have been off (everyone's pretty jerky). So I asked Schooly D to upload his copy - but unfortunately, by the time I asked him, he'd played too much, and the Humpday games were no longer in his Recent Games list. So I tried retsamolah - but he told me that Blackout from his perspective was pretty dull, and I ran into the same problem trying to view the game from other perspectives that I'd had with my own films. However, he said that the Ghost Town game was pretty exciting - even if it ended in a draw. So I watched it (from his film) - and he was right, it was pretty enjoyable. Lots of action, lots of chances to see how the map flows. (Didn't hurt that he had 6 bomb stops along the way, and our single score.) It's a thirteen minute game, so there's no way we could bring this to you in 720p - it would be a half-gig file. (I say "would be", but I know it is, because I rendered it to find out.) However, it's still quite watchable at 360p - so we're offering it in both WMP9 (142 mb) and QuickTime (129 mb) formats. It's just a game - nobody's showing off, nobody's doing anything spectacular. It is, however, the best first look at Ghost Town, in any real depth, that you'll get. Update: Apologies - there's a small sync problem between the audio and the video (for both versions); turns out it traces back to the original capture, which means I can't fix it right now. (I'm leaving for the rest of the day in about 15 minutes.) If that sort of thing really bothers you, pass on this download. I'll do my best to fix it soon! (Louis Wu 13:25:46 UTC)

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