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November 24, 2007 Link to this post

Inside Halo, and More
We're a bit late this time around... but Sodagod reminded us that his Inside Halo news program is still going strong on Machinima.com - Episode 2 was released a couple of weeks ago. Watching it gives you a whirlwind overview of the Halo community over the past month or so (with lots of humor) - and it brings to light one of the biggest headaches facing Halo machinimators today: the weapon-lowering trick for Halo 3 does NOT work over Xbox Live. The Bungie guys are on break this week - but I plan to see if I can get an explanation for why this was set up as a local-only function sometime soon... because it makes people like Sodagod crazy, and you wouldn't like him when he's crazy. While you're there, you should also check out his Inside Halo Overviews - I haven't found any convenient way to link to each of them on Machinima.com, but there's a great playlist on YouTube that links to most of them so far. There's one on Equipment, several on vehicles (the new Covenant Vehicle overview isn't there yet, but you can watch it on machinima.com), and one on skulls. Good stuff! (Louis Wu 13:34:35 UTC)

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