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September 21, 2007 Link to this post

Cinema Paradiso - More Organized
Yesterday, Bungie released Cinema Paradiso, their last VIDOC before Halo 3 hits the shelves. The HBO news post about it is... rather large, and rather rambling; it's hard to tell what's available, and where. So here's a summary. First off, there's a written story that goes with the video at Bungie.net. You should read this. Then, you can download your favorite flavor of the movie; all formats contain the same size films (small - 320x180; medium - 640x360; large - 1280x720). You have three format choices: Windows Media Player 9, H.264 QuickTime, and Sorenson 3 Pro QuickTime. Microsoft's hosting the WMV files, we're hosting the QuickTimes. All files are direct downloads, except the two large QuickTimes - those are BitTorrented. (Sorry, for those who can't handle that. We'll do our best to make them directly downloadable at some point in the future - but they're huge, and until demand dies down...) The H.264 QuickTimes are larger, and harder on older machines, than the S3Pro QuickTimes; we're offering them because that's what Bungie provided us with, but we'd recommend getting the reencoded versions. Okay - that all said, here are all the download links in one place:

If you didn't grab this yesterday, grab it today! There are no spoilers, and MAN, it'll make you want to play with Forge and Saved Films. (Dropping tanks on people's heads never gets old.) (Louis Wu 16:42:51 UTC)

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