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December 5, 2006 Link to this post

Okay, so I knew that if I stuck around last night, and tried to keep up with the news about the Halo 3 commercial that aired on Monday Night Football, I'd NEVER get to bed... so I skipped it all. This means two things: it means HBO's currently about 8 hours behind the curve, news-wise... and it means that this news post is going to be mega-complete with current information about that commercial, because I can collate everything at once into a single post. I think we'll go with bullet points:

  • TeamXbox is hosting both HD and SD versions of the trailer, direct from MarketPlace - the HD version is GORGEOUS, and 31 mb.
  • Totally360.com has digital versions of some of the concept art that came out in EGM and LEVEL last month (not trailer-related, but new), along with stills from the trailer - the most recent 14 pictures on this page cover both subjects - along with a contest to give away 100 Halo 3 beta tester slots they've secured. (They will not be the last website to have a deal like this - but they're certainly the first I've heard of.)
  • Halo Base, in Germany, is streaming a copy of the trailer (thanks, Legend). (Actually, they have a link to the Xbox.com German site that actually hosts the file.)
  • The American Xbox.com site is hosting a streaming version, as well - 320x180, so it's good for low-bandwidth folk. (Thanks to many - looks like n3mo was fastest.)
  • Mitsur found an HD version (1280x720, WMP9 format) at GameTrailers. There's a link on that page that will allow you to download a 25 mb HD QuickTime version, as well (852x480).
  • trigger119 is mirroring the TXB version of the HD trailer (720p, 33 mb, WMP9 format), as well as a self-encoded QuickTime .mp4 (720p, 31 mb).
  • THE bean noticed that Bungie has edited their Halo 3 Ad story so that the screenshot now links to the Xbox.com streaming version of the trailer. (They didn't delete the high-res version of the screenshot it USED to link to - just swapped the link.)
  • Spec_Ops_Assault saw that the Canadian Xbox.com site is hosting 5 stills from the trailer, for folks who can't download the whole thing.
  • Halo: Portable created mobile versions for your handheld viewing pleasure - do them a favor and use the Rampancy.net links for download, instead of the local ones; they're worried about bandwidth.
  • IGN is hosting low-res downloadable versions for everone, and high-res downloadables for Insiders - thanks, Edwin Durning.
  • Cumbo Benjamin Franklin found a really low-res (and really low-bandwidth) version at Google Video.

Our forum has been OVERRUN with content - I'll be sorting through the info as I go, but if you're interested in discussion of the trailer content, this is a place to do it. Upon quick scan of the new topics, I saw this thread - apparently, Frankie showed up in irc last night, and answered some questions - there's some solid stuff in there that should stop the worst of the BAD speculation (like 'OMG THERE ARE NEW ALIENS AT THE END OF THE TRAILER' - they're brutes) - thanks to Konrad for transcribing. That should keep you busy for a while... I'll be back with more later this morning. (Louis Wu 11:16:46 UTC)

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