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November 6, 2006 Link to this post

The MPRRS - Offline, for now
I didn't think folks would notice so quickly, but I'm getting mail, so I might as well make this public. Several events this weekend have made it clear to me that the Movie Peer Review Rating System is no longer functional; a significant number of reviewers are members of machinima clans, and (contrary to the rules they agreed to when they signed up) do not always skip videos made by clan members. Similarly, machinima makers who have friends that happen to be reviewers are getting inflated scores from these friends whenever movies are submitted. Because of this, a number of movies which probably would not have been released had the system truly been impartial have made it through to the public. This weakens the entire foundation on which this system is built; if you can't trust that the films coming out are the cream of the crop, what's the point of the MPRRS in the first place? To be totally honest, I simply do not have a solution for this problem at the moment. I have no way of knowing who knows who behind the scenes - we worked on trust, and that's been broken now. Because of this, I've shut the system down. If we can come up with a reasonable way of ensuring this problem doesn't continue, we'll reopen the doors. In the meantime - I apologize, you'll need to find other hosting for your videos. (Louis Wu 03:10:41 UTC)

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