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October 30, 2006 Link to this post

New Mombasa - A Different View
Double News Postage - RVideo also submitted a new piece of work to the MPRRS recently. The first time through, it seems that most of the reviewers didn't get what he was doing. He overhauled the entire piece, incorporating some of the advice they'd given - and though some STILL didn't get it the second time through, enough liked it that it passed. This vid is in the genre - sort of - of Jamie98s's 'Oh So Beautiful' vids; it's a look at Halo from a perspective you don't normally get. (He uses a modded Xbox for the most spectacular stuff.) There are sweeping vistas above the city of New Mombasa, seat-level views from speeding warthogs, stop-motion action sequences. I love it. In a relatively unprecedented move, I'm going to host the first version he submitted, too, because there were a couple of sequences he cut for the passing version which I found exceedingly cool. (The view from the Scorpion's gunner seat at the end of the bridge is one that stands out.) This might not be for everybody - some reviewers totally missed the concept, and marked it down for being boring, or having no real action, or no plot. (Both versions have a similar goal - to give you a view of the city of New Mombasa that you don't get in-game - but the second version did a much better job of tightening in on the concept. However, if you really don't WANT to see another view of the city, you won't find much for you in either version.)

Final Version (Niven Edit): WMP9 (21.8 mb) | QT (24.8 mb)
Original Version (Lonely Scarab Edit): WMP9 (41.7 mb) | QT (46.8 mb)

In any case - I was pretty impressed with it, both as a final product and as an evolution; give it a look, with an open mind... you might be too! (Louis Wu 16:20:19 UTC)

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