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July 24, 2006 Link to this post

The Red Courtesy Phone
And another Halo 2 egg bites the dust. There's been a pretty wild hunt for the last few days over at High Impact Halo; Ducain has summarized the process, and the findings, in this forum thread. it's pretty obvious that this is a real easter egg - but it's always good to confirm these things with Bungie. Jaime Griesemer, Halo 2's Campaign Design Lead, had this to say:

I wondered when someone was going to find this one. Technically, the skull isn't necessary, it just makes it easier. Otherwise you have to play the entire mission without getting shot a single time. I should probably thank Joe [Staten] for getting Ron Perlman to record such a goofy line.

Unfortunately, I don't get the prize for the 'Best Hidden Egg' this time...

Playing through Cairo Station without getting shot seems... impossible, actually, so it's pretty nice that getting the Thunderstorm skull confuses the script, otherwise this would never have been triggered. More intriguing, though, is that last line... it means you guys have missed at least one egg! The referenced HIH thread contains links to HIH-hosted copies of the relevant media, but in the interest of global access, we're putting up more flavors; Original WMP9 vid (7.1 mb) | QuickTime vid (6.9 mb) | mp3 of audio egg (95 kb). Thanks once again to the HIH community; you guys rock! (Louis Wu 19:26:46 UTC)

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