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May 10, 2006 Link to this post

Forum High Gear
Predictably, the forum has exploded with speculation about yesterday's released trailer. Much of the discussion could be considered spoiler-laden, for folks either avoiding the trailer or still in the dark about the first two games... but I'm of the opinion that there's nothing here that Bungie doesn't want you to see. A few intriguing threads (by no means ALL the stuff worth reading):

  • Dogchow was the first, but Big Lou's version is nice, too - it's Cortana's voice, but who's really speaking?
  • Many, many threads are discussing the re-emergence of content from the Cortana letters, released 7 years ago, but left behind after some overzealous use by a now-ex-Bungie employee. Search for 'Cortana Letter', all, to find a few.
  • There are lots of people happy to see the Assault Rifle back, there's plenty of speculation about the Chief's visor reflection, people noticed stuff like missing Banshee pilots, and there are folks looking at some of the images flashing through the trailer, attempting to decipher hidden meanings. Pixel by pixel analysis continues apace.
  • Rachda and GLuebben took a look at the forerunner glyphs once again, in light of this trailer (check this post for a clearer version of GLeubben's PDF).

Again - this is by no means a comprehensive list. Over 1200 new posts have appeared on our forum in the last 24 hours (before this announcement, we were averaging 2-300/day). It's just a random selection of fun stuff. See what else you can find. (Louis Wu 12:53:01 UTC)

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