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April 9, 2006 Link to this post

Special Fred - and why it's here
Recently, we altered the information that MPRRS reviewers had access to about their own reviews; we gave them the ability to easily see when their reviews were wildly different from the norm. There aren't any solid rules about where you have to be in this regard - we're not looking to censor reviewers simply because they don't think like other reviewers. However, if someone is consistently lower than everyone else by a significant margin (our 'problem' delta is 25%), it behooves us to look closely at movies that fail solely because of reviews from these reviewers. One such film was 'Special Fred', from QuickTactical and the Epic Films crew; 7 out of 10 reviewers passed it, one gave it a score that was 2 points below passing, one failed it by about 10%... and one person was 30% below the average. Since that person has been well below the average on almost half his reviews (often without any real justification in the comments sections), this seems like an unreasonable score to base the failure of Special Fred on - so we're hosting it. It's funny, audio and video quality are quite good, it uses Stephen Lynch's music (always a plus), it does a great job of illustrating the song; I think it's worth seeing. You can grab it in WMP9 format (39.2 mb) or QuickTime format (39.1 mb). Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go listen to The Craig Machine. (Louis Wu 14:04:39 UTC)

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