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January 4, 2006 Link to this post

Maptacular - A Tribute to Halo 1
Yesterday, insidi0us (heretofore known primarily for s7ylish speedruns) sent me a link to a thread on the MLG forums, which highlighted a new project he'd just released. In it, he took a really artistic tour through the Halo 1 multiplayer maps - every aspect of this video was amazingly well thought out. Ostensibly, it's a 1v1 game with his girlfriend - but in actual fact, he manages to cut gracefully from one map to the next, showing every map at least once, and really taking care with the details. (The score's perfect every time, there are no left-over blastmarks, powerups are perfectly used, the opening and closing credits are really clever... and on and on.) There are some really slick gameplay moves, as well - I know the grenaded rocketlauncher on Damnation is common, but geez, he didn't even slow down or turn around to make sure the throw was good! All in all, a really, REALLY slickly-done ode to the beauty of Halo 1 multiplay; a must-see. The MLG thread has links to a hi-res WMP9 version (97 mb) and a low-res WMP9 version (49 mb) - to that we'll add a hi-res WMP9 mirror and a hi-res QuickTime version (87 mb). This one makes me feel warm all over. (Louis Wu 17:18:40 UTC)

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