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December 23, 2005 Link to this post

That stupid sign... again.
Bah. Sometimes the big sites are just... clueless. Back in early November, we posted a note about a poster that a local FYE in Arlington, VA had put up, touting Halo 3 (which, you might remember, hasn't been announced yet). The forum thread generated by that picture shows how the image is a poorly-done photoshop job, and NOT something a real Halo 3 campaign would use. Since then, we've had many reports on our forum of that sign showing up in other stores around the US. Well, today, it FINALLY got noticed by bigger sites (whee, only two months late!) - Spong suggests that the poster means that Halo 3 should be on sale soon (thanks, Marc Friedrichs), and ItPlays.net says the sign is proof that retailers are capitalizing on the almost-certain release of Halo 3 in 2006 (thanks, Mike Moore). Folks - while it's definitely true that some retailers are trying to make an early buck on what is probably the most eagerly-awaited Xbox360 title out there... the fact that someone hacked together a sign so they could do this does NOT say anything at all about the game - when it's coming, IF it's coming... anything. (And the only reason this is news is because the big boys are willing to take stuff like this at face value.) (Louis Wu 13:39:11 UTC)

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