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August 29, 2005 Link to this post

Broken Halo - or Whiny Writer?
Last night, Ename Nep pointed out an article over at 1Up.com, entitled 'Broken Halo: Five ways Bungie can fix Halo 2'. It's nothing that hasn't been said a thousand times before on Halo forums the whole 'net round... what makes this somewhat surprising is the fact that it shows up, in this form, on a site like 1Up. (I'll say right now that my respect for their journalistic integrity has dropped a notch or two because of this article.) It's full of absurd absolute statements ("Since the rockets on Coagulation don't respawn when someone is holding them, the Banshee pilot (unless he's maladroit) is invincible") and faulty logic ("Because there is a singular power weapon on Colossus with no counterpart, even shoddily organized teams can get a beam rifle, use it to get a fast lead, and then hold the beam rifle with a couple shots left in it for the rest of the round and use their lead to win") - it's so strident in its tired arguments that even the decent suggestions (I liked the idea of retaining Halo's plasma pistol overheating-after-an-overcharge feature, which would have toned down the hard-to-counter PP/BR combo) are lost in the rhetoric. Cody Miller pointed to a Slashdot poster's summary of this article that nailed the problem quite nicely. (Louis Wu 03:32:52 UTC)

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