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July 20, 2005 Link to this post

Cairo Station - update
Okay, that Cairo Station vid we mentioned yesterday is sort of a mess right now. There are a ton of versions floating around; there's the original MPEG version, there's a 180 mb WMP9 version trigger119 created from that (which has been mirrored by jtdoepke and torrented by amaroq), there's a 120 mb WMP9 that comradx himself created, and there's a new 127 mb WMP9 that has the credits included in the film. (This last doesn't seem to be accessible on the net yet.) Because the WMP9 field is so tortured, I'm staying away from it - you can find links for every version I just mentioned (except the MPEG, and the newest comradx version) in the High Impact Halo thread we mentioned yesterday. What I CAN offer is a 135 mb QuickTime version, available via BitTorrent (with decent seed bandwidth) - this was created from the 120 mb comradx-created WMP9, coupled with his latest credits file. Wow - I gotta say, if movie creators would just be patient and line up their bandwidth BEFORE release, life would be simpler for everyone. That said - this one's worth watching, so go grab a copy! (Of course, it might be re-encoded again in 15 minutes...) Update: [HC]D-Man has put up a version of the 127 mb WMP9 (the one that corresponds to our QuickTime - encoding by comradx, includes credits) on HaloCHAT - the download is being handled by Filefront, so bandwidth shouldn't be a problem. (Louis Wu 14:17:53 UTC)

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