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May 30, 2005 Link to this post

The Hand that Feeds
It's the end of the month, and we happen to have a bit of bandwidth left over. So I went through some of the recent rejections from the Movie Peer Review Rating System, and I found a film I wanted to post. Partly, it's because I enjoyed it - it's the story of the Arbiter, set to 'The Hand that Feeds', by Nine Inch Nails. It mixes cutscene footage with gameplay footage, and does a nice job synching the music to the action. Partly, though, I was hugely amused by some of the comments this film received from reviewers - it taught me that context is EVERYTHING. You need to understand that this film, put together by Epyon, uses cutscene footage from our Cutscene Library, and gameplay footage, taken from Mike Miller's Legendary Walkthrough. None of the footage is original to this film. (That's not what makes it funny, though that IS what disqualified it in the eyes of several reviewers.) The funny part is this: the footage, while recognized by some reviewers, was totally missed by others - there were comments like "this whole thing was just cutscenes with mediocre gameplay mixed in," or even better, "Try doing gameplay footage on legendary, and pull off some awesome moves, like Mike Miller on the Legendary walkthroughs." My eyes were watering, reading this stuff. So it seems only fair to release the film and let others see it, as well. It's 15.3 mb in QuickTime format, or 15.7 mb in WMP9 format. (I guess Mike's gameplay looks much more awesome when viewed in the context of the walkthrough itself...) And for anyone who doesn't believe Mike has what it takes, after seeing his footage put together like this, I'd remind you of clips like this (in QT, or if you'd rather, in WMP9) - it's all in how you look at it. Okay, back to hotdogs and chicken wings - I hope you're all enjoying this Memorial Day! (Louis Wu 18:08:00 UTC)

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