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May 19, 2005 Link to this post

New movies out of the MPRRS - sort of
Well, it's not working out like I'd expected... but yeah, we're still tweaking. The Movie Peer Review Rating System hasn't passed a film since May 8 - but I've taken to looking at the 'near misses', and I've got a pair for you to watch today. Bunker 27 is an upcoming Machinima series which looks to be following in RvB's footsteps - their trailer is 9.1 mb, 1:41 long, and shows potential. (WMP9 or QuickTime.) The Noobs, Experts, and In Between trailer is a short (sub-one-minute) vid that makes use of Halo Resolution sprites and came off pretty funny to me. (Several of the reviewers thought there was too much text to read.) This one's 3.7 mb, and also in WMP9 or QuickTime. And we'll keep working on the MPRRS to make it more consistent. (Let's be clear - I'm not saying it needs to be 'dumbed down'; I LIKE the fact that the reviewers take the quality issue seriously. I AM saying, however, that the guidelines we've given reviewers are nebulous enough that interpretations vary pretty widely. The Bunker 27 trailer was reviewed by 10 people, and passed by 8 of those. One of the two non-passing scores was dropped in our scoring algorithm - but the other was enough to bring the overall score below passing. I'd like to avoid this sort of situation in the future.) (Louis Wu 09:00:11 UTC)

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