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May 13, 2005 Link to this post

An almost-forgotten promise... realized
9 months ago, we wrapped up a contest here at HBO that really captured the spirit of what makes the Halo community strong. Going Nowhere Fast was a chance for folks to show how fast they could race through Halo - straight speedruns, anything was allowed except modded Xboxes. We received dozens of entries, but there could be only one winner per level - and given the size of the films, we simply couldn't afford to release ALL runs. We promised a highlights video, showing the best bits from all the entries (rather than just the winning entries)... but real life and the demands of this website conspired to keep that promise from being realized. Well... once again, the community has come through. Cody Miller, who participated in the contest (and won two of the levels) came to HBO HQ for a lanfest in early April, and while he was here he picked up a dozen (more?) VHS tapes and a 160GB hard drive filled with GNF content. He did what I didn't have time to do - and he did it with s7yle. (This reel is lightyears beyond what I could have done.) The final product is eleven and a half minutes long, and in hi-res format weighs in at over 130 mb. We're going to release this via BitTorrent first, because 130 mb is pipe-killing. After the initial rush has died down, we'll put up versions for direct download; they'll be in the same form factor as the original GNF releases (480x360), and will save you 50 mb or so in downloads. Given that some of the original footage was pretty lousy, you might even be better off waiting for the smaller version... but the hi-res parts of this vid are great in hi-res. We're seeding it with quite a bit of initial bandwidth, so downloads should be snappy. You can grab torrents for a QuickTime version (138.7 mb) or a WMP9 version (133.9 mb) - please, leave your client open after download! And please - drop by our forum to let us (and Cody) know what you think of the work! (Louis Wu 14:13:31 UTC)

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