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November 5, 2004 Link to this post

Cold Pizza Halo 2 Footage
Conner, a stalwart of Clan Plaid (a group of Old Ones, in Bungie terms) managed to capture yesterday's Cold Pizza footage on ESPN yesterday - there's a nice interview with Sundance Digiovanni, of Major League Gaming, with some Halo 2 playing in the background. If you don't blink, you'll see our own Miguel Chavez, the king of BS, wearing a Clan Plaid shirt and whaling away in the first 15 seconds or so. The video is 23.1 mb large, in QuickTime .mp4 format, and you can grab it from files2.bungie.org. (I just tested it on a Windows XP machine with a current version of QuickTime (NOT Pro), and it works fine, so please don't send us mail telling us it's broken. There's no time right now to re-encode, and no bandwidth to host a second copy if someone ELSE re-encodes... remember how much you're paying for this, folks!) Update: Conner points out that if you're having trouble playing the .mp4 files, grab a copy of VLC Media Player - it works flawlessly with mp4s, it's free, and it's available on pretty much any platform (you might have trouble finding an executable for a Timex Sinclair, but otherwise...). I know nobody reads these news posts any more... but really, the file DOES work, the link is NOT broken, and if you're having trouble, it's on YOUR end. Thanks. (Louis Wu 18:03:34 UTC)

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