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October 15, 2004 Link to this post

Halo2.com has relaunched
The overhaul of halo2.com is complete - sort of. It's pretty much unviewable on a mac - it works well on XP/Firefox and XP/IE (though the IE version takes over your screen; there's no way to get to the desktop any more, without closing the window). The outbound link is also busted, though I'm sure they'll fix that at some point. All text is in the same code as the teaser stuff we mentioned last night. It's fun to explore - though there ARE vehicles, weapons, and buildings (and maybe aliens - I haven't fully explored it) that you've never seen before... that's your spoiler warning. There are at least 3 downloadables - I found some wallpaper. Thanks to Elite TAR, who pointed it out first. Update: I was wrong - the site IS viewable on a mac; OSX/IE5 seems to be a useable combination. (I didn't even test IE before, since Microsoft abandoned development on it over a year ago.) Thanks, -Nash--housewares. Update 2: w00t! BOLL managed to find a direct link that lets you view the main part of the site (at least the North American version) in a window - it's now watchable on Macs (any browser)! (It'll also respond better for PCs that aren't the top of the line...) Thanks, BOLL! (Louis Wu 18:06:33 UTC)

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