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August 25, 2004 Link to this post

Zanzibar Footage Update
As of now, a bit over 8 hours after posting the first link, the BitTorrent network has served up over 5300 copies of the MLG Halo 2 gameplay video (almost 650 Gigabytes). You guys rock. :) However, there are lots of people who can't use BitTorrent - they're on firewalled corporate networks, or family members have a problem with p2p software on the computer... for whatever reason, these people will not be able to see this film until it is made available via normal web channels. And this process has begun. The first few direct links have been posted on our forum - and we'll continue to add new ones to our Mirror Page as they come in (if you have the bandwidth to spare, throw a copy up, send us a link, we'll add it; when your bandwidth runs out, let us know, we'll yank the link). Please - if you CAN use the BitTorrent network, DO so. (Hopefully, later tonight we'll also have a Two Degrees link up for you, as well.) But the direct downloads are there on the Mirror page if you need them. (Tonight, or tomorrow, smaller versions will begin to appear, as well. I hope.) Once again, thanks to Dolbex and the entire MLG crew (and Bungie!) for making this accessible; it's clear from today's downloads that this is a cool drink of water to a LOT of parched Halo 2 fans. Update: Oops, almost forgot... mrsmiley, the player in the vid itself, started a thread on our forum to answer questions people had about the gameplay (or his performance :) ). Check it out! (Louis Wu 01:26:03 UTC)

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