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mastersarge.jpg Description: mastersarge.jpg
Size: 61K
Screen size: 612x792
Created by Nathan Giem.
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wandererstitle.jpg Description: wandererstitle.jpg
Size: 85K
Screen size: 800x389
Created by Jason O'Brien. Originally created for the Fan Fiction 'The Wanderers'.
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hovercraft.halo.jpg Description: hovercraft.halo.jpg
Size: 137K
Screen size: 1024x768
Created by Johann.
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covenant.jpg Description: covenant.jpg
Size: 340K
Screen size: 1212x1420
Created by Razorback (Diogo).
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tankmaster.jpg Description: tankmaster.jpg
Size: 71K
Screen size: 612x860
Created by *Ar-Isildur of *WP*. Inspired by this image, and recent footage.
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pillar.jpg Description: pillar.jpg
Size: 295K
Screen size: 1024x768
Created by Joseph E. Haake.
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sikoracommander.jpg Description: sikoracommander.jpg
Size: 68K
Screen size: 666x640
Created by Sikora.
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covenantrockin.jpg Description: covenantrockin.jpg
Size: 415K
Screen size: 1024x768
Created by Matt(uh...#5?).
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fall.of.reach.cover.jpg Description: fall.of.reach.cover.jpg
Size: 356K
Screen size: 1386x1030
Created by Microsoft Licensing Group. Submitted by Eric Trautmann, MS Content Developer. This is the cover for the upcoming novel, "Halo: The Fall of Reach".
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soldier.jpg Description: soldier.jpg
Size: 50K
Screen size: 800x800
Created by Aaacourt22.
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jokerfinishedmodel.jpg Description: jokerfinishedmodel.jpg
Size: 130K
Screen size: 1024x768
Created by JoKeR.
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halo_nationalgeo.jpg Description: halo_nationalgeo.jpg
Size: 211K
Screen size: 1525x1034
Created by Matt Baker.
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haloce.winamp.preview.jpg Description: haloce.winamp.preview.jpg
Size: 83K
Screen size: 275x551
Created by Djoey.154. This is a preview for a Halo Winamp skin (280K).
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myxbox2.jpg Description: myxbox2.jpg
Size: 69K
Screen size: 800x577
Created by Philip Palermo. Generated with TrueSpace 5.
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myxbox3.jpg Description: myxbox3.jpg
Size: 121K
Screen size: 800x578
Created by Philip Palermo. Generated with TrueSpace 5.
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grayscalemarine.jpg Description: grayscalemarine.jpg
Size: 588K
Screen size: 866x989
Created by Arch Angel.
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for.bookmark.jpg Description: for.bookmark.jpg
Size: 15K
Screen size: 650x108
Created by Justin Brimm. This bookmark can be downloaded for printing at its native 6" x 1", 288ppi resolution - zipped .psd (690K).
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mbaker.halofake.jpg Description: mbaker.halofake.jpg
Size: 207K
Screen size: 716x570
Created by Matt Baker. An attempt to fake out the HBO community, using this screenshot.
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strykerwolf.halofake.jpg Description: strykerwolf.halofake.jpg
Size: 42K
Screen size: 716x479
Created by Strykerwolf. Following in the footsteps of Matt Baker, Strykerwolf attempts to create a believable fake.
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finished.jpg Description: finished.jpg
Size: 43K
Screen size: 480x360
Created by St Killer.
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