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strykerwolf.halofake.jpg Description: strykerwolf.halofake.jpg
Size: 42K
Screen size: 716x479
Created by Strykerwolf. Following in the footsteps of Matt Baker, Strykerwolf attempts to create a believable fake.
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halloween.jpg Description: halloween.jpg
Size: 45K
Screen size: 383x768
Created by strykerwolf.
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mcakimbo_big.jpg Description: mcakimbo_big.jpg
Size: 109K
Screen size: 1267x600
Created by strykerwolf. "I know, it looks like a picture of an action figure (two separate people on two totally separate occasions have told me this, but i still dont see it :), but, i assure you, it's a rendering of my counterstrike MC model (pasted over the infamous CM painting of halo, meeting its fate.) I originaly made it to use as a base image for (much smaller) signature image, but I figure I wouldnt let the big image go to waste."
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