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Not So Common Sense - A Halo 2 Strategy Guide

by Overswarm

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Matchmaking Gametypes - Coagulation

Team Slayer


First off, a short comment: Good God almighty, WHY?!

Now on to the goodin's. I'm doing this a bit different, and labeling each manuever as "defensive" or "offensive"

defensive manuevers

  1. Cave men

    If your team could learn one thing from this article, learn this.

    There is a cave on one side (near the tele exit, dark side) that is fairly easy to find. This cave has two entrances, both of which are easily defended. You can narrow it down to one entrance if you use your vehicles correctly. Try using banshees to fill the cave mouth

    Vehicles have a hard time manuevering in here, but if you set up warthogs in the right places, you can easily have someone guard the entrance with the turret. If you've got two hogs, do it with both!

    If you get the Rocket Launcher, your vehicles are safe, and this will work wonderfully. If you have snipers, you can easily snipe from the cave entrances, and even if you get sniped, your team is there to pick up your rifle at any time.

  2. The Bastard Manuever- Part I

    This one isn't much fun, but is good to use to win if you REALLY have to. There are several ledges you can get on top of with banshees. If you can get both sniper rifles and both banshees at any time, go to these ledges (the ones you can't walk to), and hold your sniper rifle. Your two teamates then get the banshees, and do nothing but destroy unmanned vehicles and evade. One of the owners of the banshees holds the RL.

    Really, there's no way to do anything against this other than get a ghost or a hog and try to take out the enemy players, but that's hard to do against a good team.

    I've had this done against me once, and it was hard as hell to stop.

    note: I killed their snipers with BR/PP combo, so have snipers watch out for that.

  3. The Bastard Manuever- Part II

    I've personally done this. Get two warthogs and a rocket launcher, and as many snipers as you can. We personally had both snipers. Drive up to the hill behind red base (in the darkness), and park both hogs there. Then have your two snipers just sit there and wait until they can pull off a shot or two. If a Banshee or ghost comes, the RL takes them out.

    We had two deaths from this, and they were from a guy who flew his banshee over us, then got out, and fell with his banshee, throwing frags down at us. He killed one of us, then stole a warthog and drove towards red base, and his teammates killed our gunner. It was like some weird ritual. Unfortunately for them, I was sniping, and I got three headshots and then we got our hog back. But it was cool.

offensive maneuvers and general rules

  1. There's nothing like the smell of cordite.

    The Rocket Launcher is THE KEY to this map. Snipers are awesome, Banshees are awesome, Ghosts kick ass, Warthogs are wonderful assault vehicles... but Rockets trump them all. Get Rockets, and if you don't have them, spend all your efforts trying to retrieve them.

  2. I am Vehicles, the spartan, the warrior!

    Get vehicles. Preferably Ghosts and Banshees, but if there is one ghost and one hog, and two of you, both get in the hog. It's better that way.

  3. Sniper joe

    Get the sniper rifle. There are Many sniper spots that I won't go into now, but you can find them on the "map guides" section.

  4. Hog it!

    The warthog is probably the most effective weapon on this map, if your team can use it well. I personally advocate ghosts and banshees, since they are one-man vehicles, and are easier for evasive purposes. However, if you have a good driver and a good gunner, and your driver can keep your gunner at a good angle, you will win every fight.

    It works even better if you have a guy with rockets in the passenger seat, looking for banshees.

  5. The best of both worlds

    The plasma pistol / Battle Rifle combo is really effective near the warps, especially if backed up by snipers and Rockets.

    Get the PP and a BR, and go to a warp exit (either one). You have enough cover to guard yourself from vehicles and to hide if need be. Rockets help against banshees, but you can normally hide from banshees pretty easily in the rocks/caves, so the PP/BR is a good fallback if you can't get anything else.

    A lot of the time, the PP/BR guy just camps the portal, and covers the snipers that are near him.

Team Skirmish

1 Flag CTF on Coagulation

If the defending team is half competent, you will fail on your assault.

Now, off to happier things!

Weapon Control

Once again, weapons are important. You should keep the following in mind:

  • Sniper Rifles
  • Rocket Launchers
  • Battle Rifles


Overstrat #1-

Phase 1

Player 1 grabs the sniper rifle, goes through the teleporter, and then watches the rocket launcher and the enemy portal from safety. If he sees a sniper come through the enemy portal, he engages combat. Ditto for anyone getting the RL (but wait till they are out of their vehicle!)

Player 2 Immediately grabs the banshee and flies over to the enemy base, directing fire towards him, and trying to destroy all the enemy vehicles. He scouts near the enemy portal as well, and announces if any enemies are going there. His main goal, however, is to flush the enemy team into the base.

Player 3 grabs a good close-range weapon (if desired) and then a ghost, and goes to grab the rocket launcher.

Player 4 grabs the Battle Rifle, and then gets in a warthog, and waits until the others finish their parts of phase 1.

Phase 2

Player 4 drives his warthog and picks up Player 1, then drives them to the enemy portal zone. They then snipe the enemy off the base and help the banshee out.

Player 2 keeps firing with the banshee until the ghost gets there, and the guy with the RL is on top of the enemy base.

Player 3 drives his ghost up to the enemy base and gets on top and waits, staying out of view.

Phase 3

Player three fires a rocket or two into the base to scare the enemy a bit.

Player 2 then falls out of his banshee, goes into their base from the top, grabs the flag, and jumps up and throws it to player three.

Player three then goes into the enemy portal, where the warthog is waiting. He gets into the passenger seat, and Player 3 and Player 4 drive off to the enemy base.

Player 2 is probably dead and respawned by now, and should be running towards the middle of the base (in case the hog is destroyed).

Player 1 continues to snipe from the enemy teleporter, and tells his team if a banshee or enemy vehicle is coming.

Then you score.

The player with the RL should help out the banshee by taking out any vehicles firing at him.

The player with the banshee should definately focus on staying alive if vehicles are against him. The RL will be there soon to help him.


Same thing, except the ghost player and the banshee player steal the enemy warthog, and use it to steal the flag through the floor, then drive off. Some consider that bad manners, but it is legal in gameplay.

The other guy in your hog with the sniper could drive with you, and they wouldn't know which one to shoot at, and you would have a backup incase they got the right one.


Phase 1

Player 1, the teams best sniper, grabs the sniper rifle and then proceeds to walk up to the nearest cliff, where he can cover his portal/top of the base from safety. If he's lucky and gets the good side, he can also cover the RL. The sniper will stay unknown unless it is absolutely necessary to reveal himself.

Player 2 grabs a ghost, goes to grab the RL, then run back as fast as he can. He doesn't want to kill anyone, he just wants to make sweet sweet love to the RL.

Player 3 grabs the preferred close range weapon(s) of choice, and then sits inside the base, watching the front door.

Player 4 grabs a banshee, and then proceeds to attempt to destroy the enemies warthog (as well as his own team's hog). If player 2 is unable to grab the rocket launcher, the banshee then attempts to harass the use with the RL, using barrel rolls to dodge his rockets. If he dies, no big deal. He just repeats what he's been doing, except in a ghost. Or, if there is no ghost, harasses with a BR from the rooftop of his base. Player 4 is mainly a scout.

Phase 2

Player 1 just snipes, that's it. He has the Brute shot available to him if someone comes up on foot, but he should be okay as long as he doesn't try to take on a banshee. Player 1 should attempt to kill whoever is on top of the enemy base and be a real pest about it. Time is of the essence.

Player 2, if he has the RL, goes and roasts marshmallows with player 3. If not, he stays on top of the base and scouts out to the rest of the team, and only goes to roast marshmallows if he has to.

Player 3 is sittin pretty.

Player 4 knows what he's doing.

That's it. Defense, not much to it. Just watch 'em, communicate, and think one step ahead. It all pretty much boils down to your sniper and if you get the RL.


  • If your sniper runs out of ammo, it is generally best that he drop his sniper rifle and then go back to the main base to retreive the new one in the 25 seconds it takes for it to come back. If he can't drop it, he should throw grenades to kill himself, and then go to retreive it.

  • If the enemy has your flag, and is speeding across the map in a hog, you've probably lost. Your best bet is to get there before him, or to kill his hog. Your sniper might get lucky. But pretty much, you've lost.

  • If the enemy has your flag, and you don't know where he is, get to the enemy base and watch it from there. Hopefully you will see them and be able to take them out.

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