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Halo 5 Mythic (LASO) Walkthrough by MythicTyrant

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Halo 5 :Guardians LASO Challenge

Halo 5 Mythic Difficulty Guide - MISSION 2: Blue Team

The Tru7h About Blue Team

Rating: Hard

Type: Covenant-Only

Wow. I haven't seen a 180 between back to back mission difficulty this jarring since Quarantine Zone and Gravemind in Halo 2! While the previous mission may have been a relative walk in the park, this one dials things up to eleven while you traverse the Covenant infested corridors and hangar bays of the Argent Moon space station. And while that might sound like a good thing at first considering if you've been playing the other Halo games and know that you'll only be deal with Grunts, Jackals, Elites, and Hunters, they are LEGION in this mission! Seriously! There must be hundreds and hundreds of them here! And to make matters worse, you'll have very few Plasma Pistols laying around to deal with the Elites in addition to very limited Battle Rifle ammo. Like with the Light Rifle in the previous mission, you'll need to make every shot count as you try to fend off the Covenant army from a large array of vast scenarios. So, let's take this beast of a mission one step at a time.

Blue Team

Blue Team has the flag! Yes, this time we really are finally back in the shoes of the iconic Master Chief himself... and the rest of Blue Team is with him? When did THIS happen?! Only two missions in, and already I feel like I skipped a game somewhere down the line. Oye. Well, at least this time around we're actually playing AS the only in-game character we're familiar with from previous titles.

After Blue Team heroically launches themselves from a lone Pelican and torpedo into the Argent Moon (taking out a few unsuspecting Elites in the process), your journey will begin. You'll have a few moments to gather yourself as you traverse the dimly lit corridors of the space station. Switch over to your Magnum for now since your Assault Rifle is near useless on this level of difficulty, and as you approach the first door it will automatically open for you. On the other side are two completely clueless Grunts that have no idea that the "Demon" and company are standing directly behind them.

You have multiple options here. If you prefer to fight it out, you can assassinate either of the Grunts (which can alert the other to your presence) and ultimately trigger the door on the far side of the room to open. A pair of Jackals and a trio of Grunts will be there to greet you, and further down the hall you'll encounter even more PLUS multiple Elites! Yikes!

Instead, I would suggest heading up the ramp on the left side of the room, assassinating the Grunt, then immediately jump into the ventilation shaft directly above. This will allow you to crawl through to the other side where the Covenant is still relatively unaware that you're lurking around. Quickly jump down and dash up the incline where Jackals and Elites will be waiting for you. Fortunately, this seems to take them off guard as it takes them a few seconds to realize what's going on. Turn the corner, climb up the crate, and pause briefly to allow the door on the far side to open. Once it does, a trio of Grunts will come charging through. Swiftly run past them and head into the hologram room where you'll immediately want to head to either your left or right to avoid Covenant fire from behind. Then activate the panel which will seal the door. Interestingly enough, the Covenant don't seem to be able to harm you while you're in this quicktime event. Even if they manage to stick you with a Plasma Grenade!

Ultimately this method can play out a number of ways. Sometimes the Covenant will manage to take you down (although this doesn't seem to happen nearly as often as you might think). Other times you'll be able to make it through completely unscathed, full shields and all. Most of the time, though, you'll get through fine, but your shields will either be mostly or entirely depleted. Get used to it.

Again, you'll have a moment to catch your breath. The door on the far right side will eventually open, and if you need any additional ammo, there will be a crate just to the left of the elevator. Hit the access panel and you'll begin your descent into the hangar bay.

Your allies will suggest you charge your way through the vent up ahead once you reach the bottom and the doors open. Yeah. Sure. You first!

Instead, I'd recommend simply smacking the vent a few times until it shatters to avoid jumping head first into a suicide mission. Generally speaking the enemies down below won't notice you until shots are fired. Looking down you'll notice three Grunts patrolling the area. Start picking them off with your Magnum. As soon as you take the first shot, they'll start heading to the back left side where a pair of Shielded Jackals will be ready to give them some much needed cover. There willl be another pair of Jackals off to the right hiding behind the large crates scattered about, and if you do manage to take out all three of the initial Grunts, an additional trio will emerge from the back of the area.

After you've cleared as many enemies as you can from your current vantage point, slide down into the hangar bay and immediately head for cover behind one of the many large crates. Get adjusted to your surroundings. The room is littered with all sorts of crates and equipment. Much of it is keeping an even divide between you and the Covenant on the other side of the area. There's also extra magnum ammo close by, so keep an eye out if you need it.

The enemies you'll be facing here are pretty straight forward. Mostly Grunts and Shielded Jackals with a handful of Ranger Elites thrown into the mix. I'd recommend taking out the Grunts first, followed by the Jackals, then paint the Elites one at a time to take them down. You'll want to pick up a Plasma Pistol as soon as you can find one, sacrificing your Assault Rifle for it. Fortunately the Elites here are fairly weak. Your standard practice for dealing with them should be to highlight them for you allies while using your Plasma Pistol to take out their shields.

All the while this is is going on, both Elites and Grunts alike will be chucking Plasma Grenades your way with extreme precision. Your allies can usually survive the first stick, but once their shields drop, it becomes a different story. You, on the other hand, can't even survive one stick.

Keep pushing forward towards the raised platforms in the center of the hangar bay until a battalion of Storm Jackals start dropping down from the upper levels. These guys are surprisingly easy to deal with. As opposed to Carbines and Beam Rifles, the Storm Rifles they carry are more of a nuisance than a serious threat, and of course they also don't have shields, making them quite easy to pick off one by one.

Around this time, a squad of Grunts will appear on the middle platform along with more Elites. Pick off the Grunts from a far, then send your allies to the platform to engage the first Elite. Take this opportunity to make your way around to the far right side of the area and use the crates to climb up to the scaffold. Here you'll find a well stocked Battle Rifle meaning it's finally time to ditch the Magnum.

If you come across an opportunity where the Elites have their backs turned to you while trying to deal with your teammates, feel free to go in for an easy assassination. Keep an eye out, though, because there are at least three Elites here. If you want to play it safe, I recommend plasma peppering the first two before saving the last one for a shield-saving assassination.

The area should be clear at this point. Head up to the top floor where you'll see a Hydra Launcher laying about. Assign one of your allies to pick it up, then head towards the tunnel on the left. There will be a DMR at your feet. I'd recommend swapping out your Plasma Pistol for it. Three Grunts will be approaching your position straight head. Quickly take them out and draw in a deep breath. It's time to get your speedrun on.

Moving as fast as you can, quickly dash through the tunnel and jump to the Grunt platform. Keep going and don't stop. Jump to the lower left walkway in front of you, then down to the next solid platform. At this point, you're going to have quite a few Covenant shooting at you so keep moving! Stay behind the columns and make your way through the far door to exit the hangar bay.

But wait... HUNTER!!!

That Fair and Warlike Form

Not sure what just happened there. A Hunter manages to smash the walkway sending the Master Chief plunging into a seemingly bottomless bit. Then he has some sort of waking dream about Cortana calling to him from another world? How does SCIENCE work in this universe?!

Alright, so at least for now let's set aside the wonky plot points and head down into the darkness. The Chief and Blue Team all activate their helmet lights to adjust for the darkness of the tunnels ahead. This next set of encounters reminds me a LOT of the start of the mission Exodus from Halo Reach.

When you reach the first intersection, head to the right. There will one to two Grunts directly in front of you. Use the element of surprise to get your undoubtedly depleted shields back while also directing your squad to deal with the Grunts at the opposite end of the tunnel in the other direction. Keep heading down until you reach the first major area. The door will open as you approach, and you'll find two separate trios of sleeping Grunts inside on opposite sides of the room. It should also be noted here that there are multiple ways to get in the room itself, but no path really has a greater advantage over the other. I mean, these are SLEEPING GRUNTS we're talking about here!

That said, I'd recommend quietly punching out (but NOT assassinating!) the group on the left side of the room first. If you try to assassinate them rather than simply smacking them, the rest will wake up and B-line it for you with Plasma Grenades stuck to their hands. Don't do it.

With those guys out of the way, take care of the group on the other side. Now you'll have about a second before the door on the other side opens. You can either run back to the other side of the room and fight out the cloaked Elite and Grunt squad, or you can hide inside the small vent near the right side of the door on the far wall. This will cause the Covenant squad to engage your teammates while giving you the ability to simply run past the chaos and into the next tunnel. Don't worry. Your friends will catch up eventually.

As your going down the tunnel, keep your ears on the alert for the "hissing" sound of Plasma Grenades. This is the part of the mission that goes full-on Exodus by giving us suicide Grunts in the dark! Keep making your way down the tunnels. You'll hear a bunch of clanging indicating that the Hunters you ran into earlier are now actively on your tail. Keep going until you reach the next major corner and stop as soon as you hear the hissing. A Suicide Grunt will be in full stride just beyond the bend. Wait for him to show his face, then blast it with your DMR. Behind the next corner you'll come face to face with a pair of Shielded Jackals as well as an additional pair of suicide Grunts. If you time your shots just right, you can down the Grunts near the jackals for an easy Overkill! Turn the corner and start heading down towards the next room. There will be one more Suicide Grunt waiting for you. Backpedal if you need to and take him out.

While the game may imply that you keep going forward until you reach the door, I'd recommend veering off the main road for now and taking the tunnel on the left. It will lead you to a sleeping Grunt as well as a Plasma Pistol with a decent charge. Take out the Grunt, and swap out your DMR for the Plasma Pistol.

There are two main options here for you. If you're feeling gutsy, you can drop down through the shaft here while your allies charge through the main door. This is will give you an opportunity to flank the enemy, which at this point is only a couple of Shielded Jackals and some Grunts. The only real down side to this approach is that since this room is pitch black and, unlike in the previous room, everyone is already up and about rather than sleeping. Still, you can most likely manage to land a few solid kills while your teammates keep most of the attention on themselves.

The other option is to head back to the main door instead of dropping down the shaft and directing your allies to enter the room while you hang back and help pick off the enemy at a much safer distance. This method has a better chance at keeping you alive, but it does take quite a bit longer.

Whichever method you choose, once you down enough enemies the door on the far side will open. Another camouflaged Elite will emerge armed with an Energy Sword and an endless supply of Plasma Grenades. If you and your team were able to take out all of the cannon fodder fast enough and only the Elite remains, you can simply pepper him with your Plasma Pistol until his shields are down and follow up with a headshot from your Battle Rifle. I prefer this approach mainly because it allows you time afterwards to arm at least two of your allies with Plasma Pistols which you yourself might need later. If there are still Grunts and Jackals around when the Elite enters the picture, you can attempt to run past him if you're feeling lucky, but really you're better off just backtracking to the previous tunnel. The door will open and close automatically, so even if your teammates are down, you can hide there until they respawn.

After the battle has concluded you should be armed with a Battle Rifle and a Plasma Pistol, and at least two of your squad mates should have a Plasma Pistol as well. You'll see why shortly.

Just outside the windows in the next room, you'll see an entire Covenant armada barreling towards you. Keep pushing forward anyway until you reach the panel room where you'll activate a panel which will grant you access to the elevator just ahead. Once inside, you'll see the dreaded Lekgolo worms sliding down the glass. The Hunters are just below waiting for you...

After one of them fiercely pounds against the glass, you'll have two main options once again. You can either skip the battle entirely by running around the room via the many catwalks placed along the sides of the room until you get to the control panel on the other side, or you can fight this one out.

Skipping the battle is certainly faster and easier, but it also puts you in the position of having to battle those very same Hunters at the end of the mission along side ANOTHER pair of Hunters accompanied but several Grunts, Jackals, and Elites!

Instead I'd recommend fighting this one out... or rather have your teammates do it for you. We're going to be playing a bit of Spartan ping pong here. After the elevator stops and the doors open, remain inside the elevator, but move towards the door on the left and highlight the closest Hunter to signal your allies to attack. Most of the time they'll resort to tossing grenades which is fine. While the Hunter may bat some of them away, eventually the grenade spam will become overwhelming, and eventually the Hunter will fall. While this is going on, try to keep your allies close to the door. That way if one of them is armor-locked, you can revive your pal without putting yourself (and other members of your squad) in too much danger. Basically, if your team starts to venture too far out, call them back, but don't over do it either, otherwise they won't attack the Hunters.

Once the first one falls, focus on the second. With one target down, the second will fall faster since there won't be a second foe around to target. Taking down both Hunters will make the last battle significantly easier while also currently giving you the chance to stock up on ammo without having to worry about being shot down by an unexpected Fuel Rod round. Additional Battle Rifle ammo can be found on the upper catwalks. Stock up and proceed to the opposite side of the room where you'll activate a panel that will grant you access to another ventilation shaft. This one, however, will lead you to the dreaded Reactor Room...

The battle ahead can be a real doozy. In fact, many Mythic completionists consider it to be one of the toughest, if not THE toughest battle in the entire game. Before we dive in head first, allow me to paint a picture for you. A picture about a "room of doom".

You'll start out elevated above the initial troops below consisting of mostly Shielded Jackals as well as a pair of Ranger Elites. Once you've moved far enough into the gargantuan room, several Storm Jackals will pop up near the middle (where both the reactor as well as a circular catwalk are located). On the far side of the room, there will be several inclines leading up to the reactor's control room. Inside will be several Grunts, a few Shielded Jackals, nearly a dozen high-ranking Elites, and a pair of devastatingly powerful Jackal Snipers.

Starting to sweat yet?

This is why we've equipped at least two of your allies with Plasma Pistols. There won't be many found in this room (most of the cannon fodder will be using Needlers instead), and considering the number of Elites you're up against, you'll need as much Plasma Pistol ammo as you can get.

Why not just go for the control panel kamikaze style and simply skip the chaos? Because as far as I can tell, the game won't even give you the option to activate the panel until every single enemy in the room as been killed. I bet the speedrunners are thrilled...

Let's get started. When you first approach the opening, whatever you do, DON'T jump down! Keep the elevated vantage point for as long as you can. It gets crowded rather quickly down below, so the more enemies you are able to take out from up high, the easier things will be down the road. Pick off the Jackals while also making sure you're allies don't make the mistake of dropping down as well. Remember, if one of them dies, whatever weapon you've instructed them to wield dies with it. Now focus on the Elites. Again, Ranger Elites have weak shields and don't require much effort to take down, however, after you've killed the first one, the second will try to retreat to the upper level to regroup with his friends near the control room. Don't let him if you can help it.

With the first wave of enemies down, now you can drop down into the room. Right around this point a sizable force of Storm Jackals will start dropping down from the somewhere in the ceiling and onto both the catwalks as well as the second level which runs along side the left portion of the room. Pick them off one by one while using the tall computer banks as cover. While you're doing this I strongly recommend keeping a sharp eye out for the Jackal Snipers on the opposite side of the room. One usually hides in the upper room to the far right housing the two Plasma Cannons. The other hangs out on the left closer to the control panel. The snipers themselves have been nerfed at least somewhat in the sense that even though they can still down you with a single Beam Rifle bolt, you're teammates are a bit more resilient, allowing them a chance to bring you out of armor lock if need be. From your current position you should be able to spot the left-most Jackal Sniper. Take him out the moment you get the chance.

The pressure should be at least somewhat off now that the immediate area has been cleared. You'll be able to fall back whenever you feel necessary without fear of being chased down by a rogue Covenant soldier. Start heading up the ramps on the left towards the upper level. At the top will be a crate where you can pick up additional Battle Rifle when you need it. For now though, stick to the top of the ramp leaving enough in front of you to provide cover. Set your sites to the far back right side of the room where you'll see a pair of Plasma Cannons manned by Elites along with the last Jackal Sniper. Take out the sniper as soon as an opportunity presents itself.

Now it's time to focus on the Elites. Start peppering one of the cannon wielders with your Plasma Pistol. As soon as his shield pops, switch over to the Battle Rifle to take him out with a headshot. Switch back to your Plasma Pistol and repeat the process for the other Elite. Each time you do this another Elite will take the previous one's place on the corresponding Plasma Cannon. This will work for roughly 6-8 of the total Elites hiding back there (usually). After that, they'll finally wise up (seriously, it took them THAT long to figure out what the hell was going on???) and remain hidden inside the control room. Note here that if you run out of Plasma Pistol ammo, this is why you had your allies bring their own. Order them to pick up another weapon so that they'll drop their Plasma Pistol giving you additional ammo.

While you're doing this, you're also going to have to babysit your squad mates. This methodology only works as long as the Elites don't become overly agitated. This is something your team has a knack for and it definitely works to your disadvantage. Keep instructing them to stay far behind you. You want them far enough away to allow you time to down at least one Elite before reminding them to return to their respective posts while also keeping them close enough to pull you from armor lock should the need arise.

When the Elites have finally wised up to your antics it's time to push forward. Keep moving along the elevated walkway and pick off as many Grunts and Jackals as you can. Occasionally one or two will try to be a hero and venture down the ramp from the control room. Oops.

Use your elevation to continue to peer inside the control room's windows to get an idea of how many Covenant are left. When you no longer have Covenant venturing outside but rather playing hide and seek, you have a couple of options. The first is to send your team into the control room and then send them back outside. Using this method, you can actually kite at least some of the Covenant outside of the control room and out into the open. But then there's the other way...

If you look up you'll notice pipes directly above you. Using the weapons crate from earlier you can jump to those pipes and trace them to the back side of the room (where the control room is located). It will lead you to a soft barrier ventilation hatch that you can burst through and find yourself in a room full of ammo for the Battle Rifle, DMR, and even the Hydra Launcher! Since you're playing this on Mythic, you should already be aware of this location since it's where you need to go to find the Black Eye skull.

The door on the other side of the room will open on your approach. When it does, order your allies to charge through the main door. This is an excellent way to flank your enemies and even get your shields back while they have their backs to you! Note that if you get to close to an Elite (or even if your allies do for that matter), they tend to switch to their Energy Swords.

Finish off the remaining Covenant and activate the control panel. Head to the reactor at the center of the room and get ready for the next area of the mission.

As the reactor descends, you'll have a moment to gather yourself. What comes next is an area outside of the Argent Moon. That's right. Now you'll be in spaaaaaaaaaace! The column you're currently on is at the very center of this area. On another side of the area is your exit in the form of an elongated bay door that is currently blocked off by a red shield. You'll need to change that by destroying all eight of the ventilation shafts (those large, cylindrical things venting steam) in the area. Opposite of the exit is nothing of importance, so don't worry about it. As for the remaining two sides however, each one will have a control panel you can activate to open up the ventilation shafts. Don't worry. You only need to access one of the panels rather than both. The panels are located inside each platform's corresponding operator rooms. Oh yeah. And there's also a bunch of Ranger Elites, Grunts, and Storm Jackals guarding each of the rooms too.

As soon as the reactor has completed its descent, pick one of the platforms and Ground Pound to it as fast as you can. The quicker you do this, the more you'll take the Covenant off guard. This will give you time to rush towards the room where you'll need to Spartan Charge your way through a soft barrier. Inside the room you'll find the activation panel near the window. Punch through the plated shielding and open up the vents. Also inside this room is additional Battle Rifle ammo in addition to a handy Rocket Launcher! The latter, of course, can be used to destroy the vents, the first of which is right in front of you just outside the room.

Hopefully your allies have joined you at this point. Start picking off the Covenant outside while using the room for cover. As far as I know, they can't actually come inside, so you should be safe there. Also keep an eye on the skies. Several Banshees will be patrolling the area eagerly waiting for you to emerge from your hiding place.

Thinning the herd will grant you the opportunity to blast the first vent. It will only take a single direct hit from either a Rocket Launcher or Fuel Rod Cannon to blow it to pieces. You'll know you've succeeded when it starts spewing fire and smoke. In terms of where the remaining seven are located, there are two on the central column (where you entered the area), there's one on the opposite platform, and each of the two remaining sides has two vents a piece, one high and one low. Note that the higher ones might be difficult to see from your current position, but they can still be taken out from the ground with careful aim.

You're likely to run out of rockets quickly. Fortunately some of the Grunts here will be armed with Fuel Rod Cannons. That translates to more heavy weapons ammo for you! From each platform you should be able to take out at least four of the vents, so you never need to do so in one of the provided Banshees if you would prefer not to go that route. However, once you've done all the damage you can on your current platform, you will need to use a Banshee to fly over to the other one to continue your work. When you reach the other side, I highly recommend charging into the operations room there for cover just as you did on the previous platform. Rinse and repeat from before. Take out the Covenant from the operations room, and when the coast is clear, destroy the remaining ventilation shafts.

If you consider yourself to be an ace Banshee pilot, you can always zip around the area and Banshee Bomb the vents if you choose. Just understand that you won't be alone in the air, and your Banshee won't last very long if you aren't both fast and careful. Personally, I prefer taking care of business from the ground.

Once all eight vents are destroyed, it's time to load up your allies with heavy weapons. While the Rocket Launcher is certainly stronger, in the hands of your teammates, the Fuel Cannon with its rapid-fire capability can become a force to be reckoned with. I'd recommend arming your allies with those. Also, load up on Battle Rifle ammo and retrieve a fresh Plasma Pistol for yourself. From there, go ahead and grab a Banshee and head for the exit. It may take a few seconds for the red barrier to turn white allowing you to pass through. As soon as it does, sprint inside to get away from the enemy Banshees and towards the Prowler hangar bay... the final room of the mission.

You'll be in this next battle for the long hall. It's definitely a challenging one, but at least in my opinion due to the sheer amount of weaponry at your disposal coupled with the hangar's overall layout, it's far more manageable than the Reactor Room.

Navigate the corridors until you reach a drop down point. Hop down to ground level and take note of the massive crates surrounding you, particularly in back corner where you just came from. If things get rough (particularly towards the end of this battle) climbing up to the top of those crates will be your best bet from escaping harm.

The hangar itself is basically one big square with a top level that traces around all sides of the area and a bridge in the middle. The middle level is where much of the Covenant will enter the battle as well as retreat when things start getting tough. The very bottom level will be enemy-free but will also house a pair of useful Rocket Launchers should you feel the need to use them.

Upon entering, the room will quickly become filled with Grunts and Storm Jackals. Some of those Grunts will be using Fuel Rod Cannons, and ALL of them will be winding up ready to pitch a few Plasma Grenades. Use the current room for cover as you start picking them off. There will be several waves to deal with here, so take your time and pace your shots. There's additional ammo on the other side of the area, but I'd hold off on trying to get to it until the hangar is clear. At the same time, make an effort to keep your allies near you. Half the time they go at it alone they end up dropping to the bottom level and getting their asses handed to them.

A pair of sinister Sword-wielding Special Ops Elites will break up the monotony after the first few waves are obliterated. This pair easily has to be the two most cunning creatures in the game. You're likely expecting them to B-line it straight for you resulting in an easy kill. But no. They'll do laps around the room, frequently change which level they're on, and occasionally uncloak so they can pitch a Plasma Grenade in your direction. If all other enemies have been neutralized, my plan of attack here is to usually try to lure one to the right side of the bridge. If you can do this, most of the time they'll keep charging you as you backpedal to the entry room. Put your teammates between you and the Elite and start plasma peppering. Your squad will join in once the Elite is temporarily uncloaked to help you finish him off.

The last one is a bit trickier. I find its better to start doing laps around the hangar in order to flush him off. Start peppering him when he uncloaks to throw grenades your way. If you can, kite him back to your safety area so that your allies can help you finish him off. If you're able to do the job yourself before then... well... awesome!

Now that everything is quiet you can activate the panel in the corner of the hangar opposite of the safe room. Technically you could have done this at any time, which is fine as long as you enjoy being completely overwhelmed by Covenant! Check around the room real quick first though to see if you can get a fresh Plasma Pistol. Juggle an extra one to the safety room as a backup (even though it might despawn as the battle continues). Load up on additional Battle Rifle ammo as well. There are several weapons crates around the room, and now is the best time to make sure you have everything you need.

Flip the switch and sprint as fast as your Spartan legs can take you back to the safety room. Covenant will immediately begin dropping down into the battlefield. Again it will start with mainly Grunts and Storm Jackals with some of the Grunts wielding Fuel Rod Cannons. However, not too far into the battle, a pair of Hunters will be joining them coming from the right side of the room on the top floor. Don't worry though. They tend to wander down to the middle level.

Now you'll want to shift your squad's attention to each Hunter individually and make them a top priority. Between an extensive amount of grenade throwing along with Fuel Rod barrages, they should be able to handle both of them. Only take out the Grunts and Jackals that pose an immediate threat. If you kill too many of them before dealing with the Hunters, the Elites will join the fray (along with the first two Hunters from earlier in the mission if you didn't already deal with them). That means fighting Hunters AND Elites all at the same time!

The Hunter battle may very well be a lengthy one. You'll need to make sure your allies stay close by rather than drop down to the same level of the Hunters where they're sure to be slaughtered. You'll also need to keep close cover so you have somewhere to hide if they shoot at you via their secondary automatic homing cannons.

You can finally focus on the remaining Grunts and Jackals once the Hunters are down. Killing enough of them will trigger one of your squad mates to announce that there are reinforcements on the way. This is the final stretch of the battle, and it will include a few very grenade-happy Elites. This is where I recommend retreating to the top of the crates. When an Elite meanders to the right side of the bridge, pepper him with your Plasma Pistol until his shields are down and follow up with a Battle Rifle headshot. Rinse and repeat. From here, you should be fairly safe from any Storm Rifle fire as well as Plasma Grenades. When the final Elite is down and the area is clear, head over to the control panel in the center of the bridge to release the Prowler, escape from Argent Moon before it "goes supernova", and to complete on of the hardest missions in the game!

Blue Team - score.

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