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October 15, 2003 Link to this post

Because we hate to see goodies go to waste...
Wow. It looks like folks have pretty much given up on the Great Halo Scavenger Hunt... and that makes me sad. There's a post on our forum that MIGHT summarize what the problem is - but I know that the puzzle is solveable, since several people have solved it already. So here's the deal: we're gonna give you one of the trinkets. This was the first one found, and it was posted on our forum at least twice, so I don't feel too bad giving it away. If you visit Battleground: Halo, and stop by their FAQ, a text search on the page will turn up a question that isn't linked at the top. It's down in the last section, and it asks 'What is the fifth trinket?' and the answer is 'East'. They're not all in plain sight like that - but (with a couple of exceptions) they all mention 'trinket', which should make things a bit simpler. Remember - you're looking for 10 of these, and you're looking on Halo-related websites for them. In the process of finding them, you should ALSO find clues about what to do with them. (At the start, don't worry about what to do with them - just keep track of them. It really will become clearer.) Only 3 of the 28 prizes have been claimed at this point... there is still a LOT of schwag to grab! (Louis Wu 10:05:47 UTC)

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