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August 9, 2003 Link to this post

When Rockets are Cheap...
Okay, so BOLL decided to run with the info he learned yesterday about hacking Halo... and created a 4:42 long look at some of the absurd (but oh-so-cool) things you can do now. Want a LAAG gun that shoots Master Chiefs? You got it. How about rapid-fire rockets? Heck... how about plasma grenades? This has to be seen to be believed. So here's the deal. BOLL's put up three different copies for you to grab; they're all 320x240, and the same length, they just differ in compression:

  • QuickTime (high framerate, 19.7 mb download)
  • DivX (29.8 mb download)
  • QuickTime (higher quality, lower framerate, 22.5 mb download)

In addition, I re-encoded the first version to be quite a bit smaller, without much loss of quality; you can grab the re-encoded version (15.7 mb) from two places:

To make matters even MORE confusing, BOLL is in the process of uploading the original (1.6 GB) version to our ftp folder; once we've got it, we'll create one or two QuickTime versions. One will be the same filesize as the existing movie (~15-20 mb), but much higher visual quality, the other will be larger (both filesize and screensize). If you only want to download once, you might want to wait until tomorrow. This one is a must-see; even if you're not excited by the hacking scene, it's a hoot to see how much damage you can do when you're standing in a tower of 3 dozen master chiefs and your assault rifle fires frag grenades... Update: Nick yanked his mirror last night. However, Team Ice has tossed it up; you can grab it from this page. (Louis Wu 02:33:25 UTC)

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