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March 14, 2012 Link to this post

SSD Brings the Win
munky-058 visited our forum with a recap of a recent customs night... and a truly amazing video of a game of Invasion on bluerunner's Sangheili Don't Surf map. In a style that brings me back to the best of Team Scoog, he paints a picture of heroism and failure, but above all, fun. Go watch! (Louis Wu 11:24:15 UTC)

April 3, 2011 Link to this post

Classic Customs 4 - a Tribute
Schooly D put together a montage of last night's Classic Customs action in a style reminiscent of the awesome Team Scoog videos from Halo 3. There should be more montages like this. (They're more about the glory of the action than they are about the individual accomplishment.) Go watch. And next week, when he posts an announcement about the next round, sign up. (Louis Wu 22:12:20 UTC)

February 18, 2010 Link to this post

Thursday Video Cornucopia
Spent the day away from the computer - came back to a plethora of movie offerings at B.net:

  • Anoj is back with Top 10 Halo 3 Guardian Kills: Ep 48. (Link in B.net post goes to Honorable Mentions - the actual Top 10 is here.)
  • Sandstorm 2 is a montage from Sandman - heavy on the editing.
  • Just the Two of Us is a dualtage from iEli X and Zero - mellow.
  • Indiana Pwns is a funny parody trailer from ChrisOfTheDead - nice work.
  • Bearin Yooden is the newest creation from Phatcorns - combines the awesome camerawork of Team Scoog with the awesome camerawork of Quentin Tarantino. Don't miss it.

Whew! (Louis Wu 23:26:19 UTC)

January 28, 2010 Link to this post

Runnin' n' Gunnin'
Team Scoog is back with a new montage - the thing I love about these montages is the epic camera movement. in "Runnin' n' Gunnin'", Phatcorns manages to make regular gameplay look deeply important! (There's a moment when a hog flies gloriously off a Sandbox base... only to land and explode immediately; it made me laugh out loud.) Check it out - definitely worth the time. (Louis Wu 14:57:56 UTC)

March 4, 2005 Link to this post

7he Bridge
Team Scoog, previously known for a fantastic Halo movie, Out for Blood, has created '7he Bridge' - a 2v2 Spartan vs Covenant battle to control a bridge. It's a bit dark at the beginning - but quality improves later on, and the camera work is just great. The announcement (with a comcast link to the original WMP9 film) can be found here; we've mirrored both that version (17.9 mb, mythica.org | bungie.org) and a new QuickTime version (16.5 mb, bungie.org | mythica.org)... grab the one that works best for you. (Louis Wu 16:51:49 UTC)

May 8, 2004 Link to this post

Go, invisi-MC!
New stop-action movie from Team Scoog - 117 Rumble. Pretty nicely done! 53 seconds, 3.7 mb, WMP9 format. Check it out! (Louis Wu 10:55:05 UTC)

July 28, 2003 Link to this post

Out for Blood is Up for Grabs
We just got word of a new movie called 'Out For Blood'. It's not really like anything else out there; it's all action. Great music, great choreography... really well put together. (Spectacular ending.) Team Scoog, and member Phatcorns, are responsible. It was originally posted on the Gearbox forums - phatcorns is hosting a version. Blade, our newest bandwidth angel, jumped in and put up a copy, as well. It's 9 minutes long, in WMP7 format, and weighs in at 20.6 mb. Any mirror offers for this one would be greatly appreciated... I'm afraid we're going to swamp the two existing links. (Louis Wu 18:43:13 UTC)

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