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July 20, 2014 Link to this post

You Have Mail
Bryan Smith is a huge Halo fan (he made a series called 'Grunts are People Too' back in the day) - and he recently received a package that made him very, very happy. Go watch. (Louis Wu 17:43:24 UTC)

September 18, 2012 Link to this post

Grunts are People Too Ep 3
Motherstooth sent us th elink to Grunts are People Too Episode 3 - those little rascals have taken over the Pillar of Autumn! I'm gonna have nightmares. (Louis Wu 16:28:48 UTC)

September 11, 2012 Link to this post

Motherstooth continues his revival of Grunts are People Too, with Episode 2. Have you ever heard a grunt channeling Al Pacino? (Louis Wu 13:14:42 UTC)

September 10, 2012 Link to this post

Grunts are People Too - Returns!
If you've been reading HBO for a long time, you might just remember Grunts Are People Too - it was a machinima project from MOTHERSTOOTH involving your favorite mini-Covenant. Most, or all, are offline at this point... but we just heard from MOTHERSTOOTH that they're coming back! Check out Episode 1. (Louis Wu 14:51:39 UTC)

June 8, 2009 Link to this post

GAPT Returns
Some old-timers might remember Grunts are People Too!!, a machinima series from a few years back (2004-5). Its creator, Motherstooth, is back with a new blog - go see what he's up to, Halo-wise! (Louis Wu 14:38:07 UTC)

November 9, 2005 Link to this post

Offending Every Grunt
That Weasel points out that the latest episode of Grunts are People Too!!, episode 22, 'Offending Every Grunt', has been posted in multiple formats - this one has been put together by TW and fans, rather than Mother's Tooth, but the series lives. Singing Hunters and trampolining Grunts... oddness. (Louis Wu 13:28:00 UTC)

July 15, 2005 Link to this post

Chuck of July
That Weasel writes to let us know that Grunts Are People Too!!! released episode 13.1, celebrating July 4 (a little late). Divx-only right now, but QuickTime and WMP9 should be coming soon. Update: GearboxGameZone has put up QuickTime and WMP9 versions of this film. Thanks, Dennis! (Louis Wu 14:08:44 UTC)

January 25, 2005 Link to this post

Episode 19: Question Mark???
That Weasel writes to let us know that Grunts Are People Too!!! has a new episode up... Project GN? What's going on? In WMP9, QuickTime, and DivX formats, 7-13 mb, depending. (Louis Wu 15:29:05 UTC)

January 12, 2005 Link to this post

Why Bungie Why?
That Weasel and Mother's Tooth have brought you episode 18 of Grunts are People Too! - in several versions. There's a regular version (in all the usual flavors), plus a Director's Cut (slightly different story, some visual tweaks), and a Special Edition (again, a slightly different story, visual tweaks). You can find them all at the GaPT server. Mayhem abounds. (Louis Wu 21:13:24 UTC)

January 3, 2005 Link to this post

What the Chuck
That Weasel writes to say that Episode 17 of 'Grunts are People Too!!' has been posted. I don't get it. :( (You can download it in QT6, WMP9, or DivX formats, though.) (Louis Wu 16:09:10 UTC)

December 28, 2004 Link to this post

Elite Crap
That Weasel writes to say that Episode 16 of "Grunts Are People Too!!!" has been posted at That Weasel Television. (The QuickTime link points to Episode 15 - but if you change it manually, you can grab 16.) Poor grunty... (Louis Wu 14:25:26 UTC)

December 24, 2004 Link to this post

Dat Wascally Weasel...
That Weasel writes to say that a mini-episode of "Grunts are People Too!!!" has been posted - Episode 15, 'Tic-Tac-Grunt' is now available in WMP9, QuickTime, and DivX formats. It's a little...bizarre. Also - they've added mirrors of the first two cutscenes from our Cutscene Library - and sent along wishes for happy, safe holidays. Back atcha! (Louis Wu 01:11:21 UTC)

December 21, 2004 Link to this post

Behind The Rock
That Weasel writes to say that Episode 14 of "Grunts Are People Too!!!" has been posted - 'Behind the Rock' is available in QuickTime, WMP9, and DivX formats. It's not very big - go grab a copy! Oh, the sadness of dead grunts... (Louis Wu 16:49:48 UTC)

December 13, 2004 Link to this post

Ooh, That Weasel!
That Weasel Television has posted Episode 13 ("DisGrunteled") of "Grunts Are People Too!!!", their ongoing series. 18.8 mb, WMP9 format. There are also mirrors of a dozen films released in the past week - go see what you can find! (Louis Wu 13:21:41 UTC)

November 8, 2004 Link to this post

More news than you can shake a stick at
I'm not sure if this is gonna become a standard feature, or if it's just because of the hype surrounding the launch, but it's time for another lightning round of news posting.

And, of course, more news articles:

PLEASE - if you're gonna send in a link, would it kill you to paste it into our news search box before you mail it? Results come up in seconds. Really. Thanks! (Louis Wu 22:04:43 UTC)

September 15, 2004 Link to this post

Dem Grunts, Dem Grunts
That Weasel writes to let us know that Episode 10, Chuckzilla, and Episode 11, Green, are both available at the Grunts are People Too!!! website. Chuckzilla chronicles the rampage (and downfall) of the infamous monster grunt, while Green requires some serious work to translate, but checks out Halo from the other side. Modding to the max. Available in both WMP and QuickTime formats. Go watch! (Louis Wu 00:30:56 UTC)

August 17, 2004 Link to this post

P S Who?
That Weasel writes to point out that the next installment in 'Grunts are People Too!!!' has been posted. It's called 'P S Who?', and it takes a LOT of shots - literally - at the PS2. Available in both WMP9 format (4.1 mb) and QuickTime format (7.2 mb). (Louis Wu 13:13:30 UTC)

August 3, 2004 Link to this post

The Good, The Bad, And The Chuckly
That Weasel points out that Episode 8 of 'Grunts Are People Too!!!' - The Good, The Bad, And The Chuckly - is now available for download from the GaPT website. 6.3 mb in WMP9 format, 11.8 mb in QuickTime-friendly .mp4 format, this one is an old-style western. Nice use of mods for interesting camera angles. (Louis Wu 11:17:15 UTC)

July 23, 2004 Link to this post

Morning Movie Bonanza
I think it's gonna be Movie Day here at HBO. There are quite a number of new films, available at other websites, ready for your downloading pleasure. RaiL sends word of a video he's made of his clan (Clan IP) showing off their Blood Gulch Multiplayer skillz - you can find a link to the 15.2 mb .mp4 on FileFront. beytah writes to point out Invisible People Suck, a 54.7 mb, 6:56-long QuickTime vid showing gameplay and situations, characterized by the quick-cut style made popular by music videos. And That Weasel lets us know that the next episode of Grunts are People Too!!! (Episode 7 - Mission Im-Chuck-Able) is now up, in both WMP9 and QuickTime6 formats, at the GaPT website, along with three MP3s of Mother's Tooth's original music (check the Episodes 6 and 7 pages for download links). There's more coming in a bit - but this should hold you for now, no? (Louis Wu 09:13:58 UTC)

July 20, 2004 Link to this post

Grunts are People Too!!!
That Weasel Television, in conjunction with Mother's Tooth and HaloRules.com, is launching its first all original, all exclusive, Halo series called "Grunts Are People Too!!!" Original music, grunty action, dead grunts. What more could you want? (Some episodes don't seem to be uploaded yet, but give it time.) (Louis Wu 10:15:42 UTC)

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