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July 19, 2003 Link to this post

New dialogue surfaces
These came in yesterday, but life got busy. Owm88 submitted three new dialogue snippets for the Dialogue Databank; I actually haven't heard any of these in-game. I'm not sure how submissions are going to work in the next week; I'm on vacation, and I'm not sure I've made a decent-enough interface for the other guys to be willing to add stuff... so if you submit files, and they don't get added right away, please be patient. We're gonna be doing our best! (Louis Wu 01:06:59 UTC)

July 17, 2003 Link to this post

My men are NOT the enemy.
Thirty new dialogue snippets for the Dialogue Databank, including a bunch of Monitor sayings and some pretty rare Sgt. Stacker quotes. (Before anyone gets on my case, there are some that are pretty similar to existing quotes - but they differ in small but substantial ways.) Thanks to Captain Spark and c0ld vengeance for this lot. (Louis Wu 02:24:20 UTC)

July 16, 2003 Link to this post

This one's at room temperature.
Another 25 snippets for the Dialogue Databank from BlackWolverine - and I've added some extra code to allow for more accurate display of found results. (Like, for example, just those results submitted by a single person...) Check these out - there are some great ones. Update: It just doesn't stop - another 11 from Captain Spark (including two great versions of a specifically-requested snippet). (Louis Wu 12:58:07 UTC)

July 16, 2003 Link to this post

Nearing 400, now...
Seventeen more dialogue snippets for the Dialogue Databank, including the first batch of Crewmen lines. Check 'em out! (Louis Wu 00:25:15 UTC)

July 15, 2003 Link to this post

And the snippets keep coming in.
There are ANOTHER 10 entries in the Dialogue Databank - the good news is, these are all relatively unique and hard to hear... the bad news is, since it's the second DD update today, there's no easy way to show you just these 10. You'll have to comb through the 60+ entries for the day to find 'em... sorry about that. (A good way to get familiar with what's there, though.) (Louis Wu 18:14:42 UTC)

July 15, 2003 Link to this post

It grows, and grows...
The Dialogue Databank is up over 350 snippets - we've already got stuff I've never heard in-game. (Have you heard Sarge saying this?) Browse away! (I'm beginning to realize that '5000 snippets' counts some things 6 or 7 times - both Sergeants and all the marines (plus, in some cases, the crewmen) have their own variations. We're not collecting all variations (mostly because it would be really hard to keep track), so we won't come near the 5000 mark, even if we DO keep on the current pace. Just something to keep in mind. For those who just want the new stuff, today's uploads are here. (Louis Wu 00:07:55 UTC)

July 14, 2003 Link to this post

They just keep talking, and talking...
The Dialogue Databank has swelled to over 300 snippets (with more coming in every day) - if you have recording equipment, grab your own! You can get all of today's additions here. (Louis Wu 06:44:24 UTC)

July 12, 2003 Link to this post

Sounds, sounds, and more sounds
Well, we might not have access to Marty O'Donnell's vast snippet archive... but Captain Spark is doing his best to keep up. 14 new submissions, based on some creative torturing, can be found in our Dialogue Databank today. (Louis Wu 08:47:59 UTC)

July 12, 2003 Link to this post

Aural Overload
Massive updates at Bungie.net today. (Yeah, yeah, you all know about it already - that's what happens when I'm away from the keyboard for 6 hours on a Friday afternoon.) Lessee if I can get all of it into one post:

  • Part III of the Making of E3 demo article has gone up; Sketchfactor interviewed Marty O'Donnell and Jay Weinstein about the cool sounds you hear in the demo. Awesome behind-the-scenes info... must-read. (Fantabulous artwork, too.)
  • A new Halo Voice Dialog Archive has come online. Because they know we'll beat 'em into the ground with quantity, they cheated and added a bunch of clips you can't even TRIGGER in the game. (Just kidding - it's all good. Awesome stuff, and in a few days, when they're not looking, we'll add these to our Dialogue Databank.)
  • Halo 2 voice outtakes; things that never, ever had a chance of making it into a game, but are fall-down funny...
  • The Halo manual, in PDF format, has been added to the FAQ/Info section. (Hehe - yah, it's been available at xbox.com since November 2001... but you know Bungie.)

Rockin' stuff. Go grab it all. (Well, maybe not the manual.) (Louis Wu 02:10:29 UTC)

July 11, 2003 Link to this post

What IS Plan B, anyway?
12 new snippets for the Dialogue Databank, thanks to Captain Spark. We're up to 220. I still haven't found time to re-record the Loony Toons signoff. (Louis Wu 10:29:20 UTC)

July 10, 2003 Link to this post

The Dialogue Databank continues to grow
Captain Spark has turned in another 39 snippets for the Dialogue Databank. Along with the bits submitted by Jamirus99, Gholsbane, and Wraith yesterday, these bring the total up to almost 210 samples. There are some good ones in there! (If you choose to record - do your best to get clean samples, without a lot of background noise. Makes it easier to hear what's being said!) (Louis Wu 14:49:04 UTC)

July 9, 2003 Link to this post

That's what I'm talkin' about!
Captain Spark turned in another 25 dialogue snippets - we've added them to the Dialogue Databank. I've also added some sorting functions - you can see new material by simply sorting the full page by date, reversed. Update: Jamirus99 has added 4 new Marines quotes - they're listed at the bottom here. Update 2: Two more, from Ghôlsbane (extracted from Randy Glass movies, actually). Again, sort the Marines section by submitter. In order to keep this particular news item from taking over the page, this is the last 'update' we'll add; if there are more submissions today, I'll put up a status update tomorrow. (Louis Wu 11:57:01 UTC)

July 8, 2003 Link to this post

Dialogue Databank Opened
Captain Spark recently submitted over 125 dialogue samples, in mp3 format. We've decided to use these to start a dialogue databank. Check out what's already there... and if you've got the equipment (and the interest), follow the instructions on the page for sending in NEW snippets! Suggestions are always welcome. Update: Wraith has submitted three new Grunt snippets - the collection grows! (Louis Wu 14:57:24 UTC)

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